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Yes sometimes a place is dear to the heart but circumstances can cause that change

No More

Mother I know this village is a place that you hold dearly
Yes are many fond times that filled those vaults in your memory
This place too is important it is where I am being raised
But now in the air there is tension and it’s time for a change

I have heard you said at the street corner the guys then will gather
Spending time discussing things and events of international matter
Even having moment to engage each other in some form of banter
And at the same time being polite to the people of all ages and gender

But alas! Such times are now a blip banished into that distant past
And today the behavior definitely reflects such a frightening contrast
Demonstrating to all there is that inclination in each and every aspect
That it is such a joy and powerful to show an aura devoid of respect

Now I have to be constantly looking over my shoulder and using my mental tower
To fight off those bullies who try to get me register as a gang member
And I also too have to physically and mentally have to fight
Those guys who are always brandishing those drugs in my sight

And I cannot have a good sleep because at night I am awakening
To the sound of gunshots that are very constantly in the air ringing
It may not be long before that someday one of these bullets may stray
And someone in the house may be injured or even killed in this way

Have you ever taken a look at the shape and beauty of your daughter my sister?
No other girl in the village can ever in that area ever come close to her
Now when she walks the road the accost her and she gives the cold shoulder
They to debase her to show her that compared to them she is not better

So it is not that I don’t have a deep affection for the place
One can certainly not feel any type of sentiment to the place they were raised
Yes the sort of environment will certainly make one resilient even tough
But all the factors weighed in the balance make me feel that I have had enough


Apprehension, Change, Choice, Concern, Danger, Fear, Option

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
30th Sep 2014 (#)

yes signs of those concerned changes- Well written

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author avatar Utah Jay
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

I understand how you feel...Well done.

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
7th Oct 2014 (#)

That feeling

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