No good deed goes unpunished severely

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Auntie Marienne. Yeah there's a character for ya. She's one of those people that makes your courage sink into your shoes.

No good deed goes unpunished severely

She is Mother and Auntie René's sister. They are four sisters.

But Marienne, she ended up with a husband who turned out to be a severe alcoholic. Years ago there were times Marrienne and her three children had to move in with Mother and Father for a while, until her husband and her could work things out, or in better words, could afford something again because her husband Ike would sell their furniture out from under them in order to fund his drinking habit.

When the three children grew up, it seems they wanted to forget about where they come from because they seem to have gone into the world to do whatever they found to do, and wanted nothing much if anything to do with their parents.

Marienne soon suffered from severe depression and developed Altzheimers or something of the like, that caused her to become really weak. She talks really weakly and inaudibly, and one moment she'd still be walking slowly, and the next moment she'd fall over and break stuff, including herself.

Among many incidents, there was the incident of Marienne picking up her drunk husband from somewhere to bring him home. But her husband protested and got out of the car at a stop street. Good thing though he was so drunk he could not walk away from the car.

Now Marienne with her weaklingness and slow motions had to get her drunk, rude husband back in the car. Fortunately there was a black man standing by, who became a good samaritan helping this weak old woman to get the drunk unwilling skunk back into the car.

Finally, at another occasion, Ike was drunk and caused a big road accident in which he was severely injured. Days later in hospital, he died.

And his scummy children, what are they thinking? When the funeral undertaker asks who's going to pay, they just tell him to come to Father. What in blazes does Father have to do with burying their father???

Foolishly, Father and his ever kind heart let them walk all over him this way and he paid for the funeral. He says it's "good" that he happened to have enough money there in the car. I of course don't know if I agree that it was right of him to let them abuse him like that. It wasn't his job to pay for that burial, and without one word of complaint to any of his wife or children. And, of course Father didn't get any word of thanks from Ike's children either.

Now, contrary to what any other person would think Marienne would think about her terrible, drunk skunk of a husband who caused his wife and family so much grief, Marienne made a beautiful scrapbook album in which she glorified and honored her deceased husband, and thanked him for so many wonderful years. I guess she really loved him, and looked past the obvious.

For some years, she was single. And, thanks to becoming a guinea-pig for a German medicine company looking for people with her disease to experiment with their medicines on, she became much better. When she was on the medicines anyway. Her motions and movements became more natural, and she could speak with more normal strength and experience life again. She even went once a year with Mother's side of the family to the Land Of The West, where she actually went on walks in the mountains with them, of course under everybody's supervision, but still, it was an accomplishment because previously it seemed like she has nothing more she can parttake in.

Secretly of course, though we thanked the medicine, we thought that her new zest for life is due to being rid of the stress that came with that alcoholic husband of hers.

And then she found somebody new. At first we were overjoyed, because really, somebody in her fragile condition could do with somebody else supervising her.

Soon however, we wondered if something is wrong. Aside from her deteriorating condition now that the medicine company has finished their very long experimental medicine courses for her and Marienne returning to her weak, always falling over self, is her new husband an alcoholic too?

Our suspicions were confirmed when one time, Father sends Osborn to go pick up Marienne and her new husband Kees, so they can go on another trip to the Land Of The West.

It takes forever for Osborn to pick them up, because Kees is so drunk they cannot get him out of bed and into the car. Then, Kees makes Osborn pull over and buy him some more drink.

When they do arrive at Auntie René's house, where they would sleep for the night until the next day they'd start on the journey to the Land Of The West, they can't get Kees out of the car. He's a fat, FAT blob, and he's so drunk. With lots of help, they get him to crawl to a bed where he passes out.

When Auntie René notifies Father of this, that's the last straw. Marienne can come along on the journey, or be taken home immediately by Osborn. Kees is not allowed to come ever again.

Poor Osborn just made the 6 hour trip, but, in the end he takes both Kees and Marienne back to their home. If that can be called a home. It stinks there and it's the house of a hoarder of junk and filth, beyond gross and sickening.

Anyway, though they both receive pension, Marienne and Kees never seem to have any money. What in blazes are they buying, aside form hoarding junk? Oh right, the latter is it of course. That, and, that big money eater, liquor.

When Mother visits, the kettle isn't working. Why don't they just buy a new one? No money for some reason. The car is regularly broken. It seems everything is falling apart over there at Marienne's dwelling.

Anyway, this weekend, for some unbeknownst reason, Auntie René and Uncle Gus are going to take a weekend vacation with Marienne and Kees, at Diphologolo Holiday Reserve.

Sounds fun, right?

Well, first problem is, on the way there, Marienne and Kees' vehicle breaks down. Uncle Gus and Auntie René have to go get them. They leave the car at some farmer's place.

But, when they arrive at Diphologolo, it appears Marienne and Kees left most of their needed luggage in their car. Uncle Gus has to take them back to go get it.

Now they can sort of have a vacation, right? Wrong. At Diphologolo, Marienne falls through a glass door and cuts herself to pieces. They have to take her to the hospital where she gets seven stitches.

The fun doesn't stop there though. Uncle Gus calls Father to "pool" money to fix the broken down car.

Why in blazes everybody always assumes Father feels like paying for them, hell knows. Marienne has working children who can help out, surely?

Mother leaves a message for John, Marienne's second born son, but of course he doesn't call her back. John always was a good lad in my eyes, but it seems he has become corrupted. One good thing Ike did for his family when he was still alive, was to buy a piece of land that he divided among all of them. Now that Marienne doesn't have any money to live on, she can of course just sell her piece of the land and live on the interest of the money. Simple, right?

However, something scaly is going on there between John and his mother. John says he got a developer interested in buying the land. That was about four years ago.

Meanwhile, Marienne needing money bad, asked Father's advice. Father at his own expense and time, found out what was going on in this matter. Why isn't that buyer John got, paying the money already?

Now here's the shady part. We can only assume that the developer promised John some commmision or something for the land, or that John has an interest somehow in whatever development there might be, because he absolutely refuses to drop this "buyer" who is not buying. Meanwhile, his mother is starving and needs money NOW.

Marienne's pressing need became clear one day when Mother took the skinny old weak woman out to eat at a restaurant, and found Marienne attacking the food like somebody who's been in the dessert without food and water for eight months. She ate everything to the last morsel. It's obvious she hasn't bought herself some decent food in a long time.

Father, ever the kindhearted Samaritan, agreed to buy that land from her. Not that he needs it or necessarily wants it, but just so that she can finally get that money she so desperately needs so she can put it in a money market account or something and live off the interest.

But, oh dear, this good deed, even still just a suggestion, would not go unpunished. John would hear nothing of it. We can only assume he wants to wait until his mother dies already, so he can get it or inherit it and sell it for his own account or something.

And Marienne seems absolutely insanely dumb. She's dying from hunger, has no money, and yet, she doesn't just sell the land to Father. Instead, she makes Father believe she agrees that it's the best thing, and then she goes to talk to her son John and then she just doesn't want to sell it to Father anymore. It is obvious that John is incredible at manipulating her. He won't help her financially, yet he won't let her help herself financially.

It went back and forth like this, until Father said fine, offer is off the table. And, at Father's numerous enquiries about why John wouldn't ever take Father's calls or phone him back, John cheekily told Marienne he has action against Father. What for? For "the way he treated his father Ike".

Which is utter nonsense of course. This after Father paid for Ike's funeral because his own sons were too pathetic to do it.

It's obvious John wants his mother to die because it somehow will be more financially rewarding for him if she just pegs already.

So there's that dumb woman, owning quite enough real estate to help her out of her poverty, but who is choosing to suffer instead.

And of course Mother, who is her sister, is suffering a lot about this matter too. She regularly sends Marienne some money online, because she feels so worried about Marienne, but though Mother thinks she's doing good she's really just prolonging the situation.

Father will have nothing more to do with Marienne, her children, and her alcoholic husbands who contribute to her suffering.

Anyway, getting back to Uncle Gus asking Father to "pool" money, which is really just code word for "please, YOU pay!". Father says he'll think about it.

Then he thinks to, and tells Uncle Gus he'll pay for it if John, her son, contacts him and asks for his help.

Of course the days just pass and John doesn't call. Of course he wouldn't. He doesn't respond to Mother's message either. It seems he really wishes his mother would just die. He doesn't go help either.

It's just something I don't understand personally. If my mother had car trouble and needed help, I don't think for one minute I'd just leave her to her lot. I'd WANT to be there and give her support, and see her safely home.

But maybe John's mother is just so far gone and sickly and close to death that they just don't think it's worth helping her in the morning if she's just going to die by afternoon.

Still, if they don't feel it emotionally, they should at least fulfil their moral duty out of responsibility. I mean really, their mother and father was NOT MY father's problem, or Uncle Gus and Auntie René or anyone else's.

But, some days later, Father just calls Uncle Gus and tells him that he'll pay to have Marienne's car fixed. I have told Father before that if he doesn't want people to walk all over him, he shouldn't always let them gain so much by doing it. But what's the use and what do I know. Anyway, what's the alternative if Father DOESN'T help?

People like to martyr the hand that feeds them.

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I like the way you write as in the dairies style, well done and great post!

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