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When you love someone deeply and time and distance is taking toll and gives you si much pain. You have to let him/her know. This poem is about emotions of a person desiring and ràving time from her love.

Still waiting

I stand before you
Catching time that you spare
Watching hands running
Wishing it quicken I dare.

Bored and tired watching
The slow sun wheeling
Confused and terrified
Of what life's revealing.

Am I ready?
Am I brave enough?
Tears falling like rain
Consuming all I have.

Nothing stay forever
Pain means letting go
And I still miss you
How much I love you must know.

Like a lonely wild rose
You forsaken me
Withering wanting care
On dying destiny.

I'm still here waiting
For your little time, still raving
Will you be coming back?
You will no longer see me waiting.


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author avatar Selriel
An accountant who is fond of writing poems.
I love being a writer, it gives us the opportunity to tell stories, to create a character, to design a situation and be God of our own writing.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Nov 2015 (#)

I choose to say,
Just where I am.
Leaving you longing,
For Pearl in Clam.

For I have see it,
The fate of love.
That sent the truth,
From heavens Above.

Breaking shackles,
And causing pain.
All for physicality,
Its never again.

For I have learnt it,
Love Lonely Heart.
As Lonely Flower,
Who will never part.

As I take back vibe,
I pull Adonis Rose.
Showing the truth,
Of Teary dark glows.

For that is melody,
The truth of Love.
Body is celibate,
For the One Above.

Leading no other,
To touch and feel.
As all in darkness,
The Energies repel.

Refusing to partake,
To unite Lonely Heart.
With Lonely Flower,
Standing World Apart.

Until it opens truth,
Bringing in the Life.
Whispering gently,
I Love you my Wife.

That is when you'll see,
The Lonely Heart smile.
Saying Eternal Flower,
It has been a while.

Dancing beat gently,
Enthralling the soul.
Bringing in melody,
Now true and whole.

For that is the Love,
That is worth the wait.
While rest now break,
The barrier of Hate.

With lust now falling,
Showing disease within.
All now looking up,
At the Wages of SIN.

Leaving no other,
To test that Love.
For I am happiest,
With my One Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 15th November 2015

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