Nobility lost from the Medical Profession

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Malpractices by Hospitals and some Doctors to mar the noble medical profession

What's Noble about it?

There are two professions which all of us cannot just do without. Doctors and Lawyers. At some point in all our lives, we would have interacted with either, some more and some less. Though Doctors are mostly our saviors in times of urgent need, Lawyers are only sometimes our guardian angel. They mostly serve to wrinkle out a few creases in the fabric called life. Today, I am going to share my experiences of with the Medical profession, including Doctors.
Only recently, my 65 year old mother was admitted to a spanking new and luxurious looking private hospital, with a left femur neck fracture. She was operated upon and was in the hospital for about 16 days. She is also a diabetic, and her blood sugar levels kept going up and down, sometimes alarmingly. However all went well and she was duly discharged with some pretty heavy duty Titanium alloy supporting her weakening bones. The shocker though was in the bill that they gave me! Not only was the total amount staggering, the detail bill listed items which couldn’t be verified, at least not by me or my mother! They even charged a Bed Pan to the bill along with hand soaps and gloves so numerous, that it probably totaled their entire week’s inventory!!
And the quantity of medicines couldn’t be verified either, like so many other things, possibly inflated with no way of verification/ratification. The OT rent and the surgeon’s fees alone equaled one months’ pay of a mid level private sector executive, and it was all of 2.5 hours. Little wonder then that hospitals and schools are such lucrative businesses, social service be damned. Smiling portraits of the founding fathers of these schools and hospitals adorn prominent places on their lobby walls. They smile smugly and benignly upon you, they are not there for the social benefit, but for the low/non existent taxation and unparalleled profit margins. Medical insurance providers are also aware of this practice of inflating bills, but little is possible because of lax regulation and low intent to persevere, prosecute and change things. So on goes the malpractice, fattening the purses of the owners and fleecing the hapless and helpless populace. Doctors are also a part of this vicious circle, willingly or succumbing to systemic pressure (or so they say). Prescribing medicines like they were sugar crystals, preferring the pharma company which is sponsoring their next trip to Las Vegas (for a medical conference on the evil effects of Gambling on the lower spine), or sucking up to the hospital management by inflating charges and procedures. In pregnancies, they wouldn’t even try for a natural delivery, quoting confusing medical terms and scaring the living daylights out of the would-be parents. So caesarian section, it is. More money that way, you see.
We generally do not overpay in Hotels, Restaurants, Trains, Planes etc. (it is another story that the charges quoted may not justify the service you get). But more often than not, you don’t come away feeling so absolutely cheated as you do from one of these hospitals. More so because, one is inclined not to challenge the opinion or the solution, purely on the basis of the cost involved, as the scenario is way beyond the layman’s understanding or notable comprehension. Hence, we do not challenge but grudgingly pay up and the scam moves on to its next victim. It is way past high time that political and medical authorities did something about it, put an end to this miserable and shameful practice.
Return the Nobility to the medical profession, not let it transform into a greedy and sleazy occupation, which cheats to treat.


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