Noctorial and Sundry Thoughts ( A Senryu Collection)

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A collections of mundane thoughts from different moods and times of my life.


Senryu: a 3-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satiric vein
from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Infinite scroll-work

limitless of thought
evolving new elements
Endless beginning

"Ignorance or bliss"

Silence and Aftermath
(A Chain Senryu for a controversial article and discussion I was involved the last few days)

After the fireworks
silence,silence..does it mean,
ignorance or bliss?

Whether its a choice
of road to one's redemption
or someone's folly ..

Blasphemous solstice
mob and miseducation
who out weights to thee.

for the end or the means used?
Not my call to say.

of his Past

ignoble it may
sordid ways to HIV
he is still our child

"poets and vagabonds"

Miscellany in the Morning

early mosquitoes
I join them with cup of tea
while my spouse teases

Miscellany at Dawn
(a senryu)

An itchy cold feet
while cursing the clock ringings
a day to begin

Miscellany at Midnight
(a senryu about early life)

wrong job and bad wife
on my locust eaten years
part of journeyed life

Miscellany at Night -30
(a senryu)

Sabbatical leave
for poets and vagabonds
all are friends of mine

Miscellany at Night -20
(a senryu to a news job)

new curriculum
to follow on new frontier
curse or daily bread?

Miscellany at night - 10
(a senryu before a I go to bed)

old friends and less viewed
golden friendship in hairy paws
snoring wife every night

Senryu to new born

A peak of conquest
not consumed by my demons
this new child of mine.

Of balls

Either bended or slice
that is how golfer's balls flies
but straight balls are lies.

"multi-arrayed mind.."

Senryu 40
(What's left in Heaven)

All vices to hell
but the heavens lured Bragi
to do poetry

(soya gelatin)

A walking weigh scale?
or street food early gourmet
competing ice cream.

I see it matters,
vendors are sought on first call
like rain on summer.

Where Do This Poet Going?
(a chained senryu)

Am fried on all sides
not burn-out tumbling down to
have my first non-earth

oven while my wits
are toasting. Shall I serve it
though unbaked?

Its my artistic
chosen amber fate through my
muti-arrayed mind.

-Saigon De Manila©

Image Credits: All original collections of the author

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author avatar LOVERME
21st Jan 2015 (#)

very nice collection
of human activity ..
what of all balls at night
why have ignored thee

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Loverme for liking these collections...i did not ignore it, it was delegated to free verse to dramatze hole in one triumphant! =)

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author avatar GenkiWorld
21st Jan 2015 (#)

reading this was a true delight, senryu is one of my favorite forms of japanese poetry and you did wonderfully expressing your thoughts.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
22nd Jan 2015 (#)

Oh Genki, it really is.. Haiku is quite limited on its theme Senryu is more broad and more entertaining.

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author avatar Carol Roach
21st Jan 2015 (#)

well don't l love the one about mosquitoes I can just picture the conversation before she left

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Hahaha..that's make a senryu different from a Haiku the humour and satirical theme are part of it.

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author avatar M G Singh
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Excellent thoughts and wonderful reading

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Madan am glad you enjoyed assured there will be more.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you age kay world for unceasing appreciation in most of my poetry..please check "Legend of the Fly " in case you missed it.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Erratum: the last comment above is for Genkiworld.

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