Noise Cancelation

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A poem embracing stillness and meditation. A lot of times we pray and don't listen to God's response but He does reply. Just an example. Sometimes, one has cancel out the turbulence of the surrounding world and quicken to the voice of the Most High for wisdom and understanding. Mindfulness for the right reason is good. Here's a poem about this, general life, spirit war and faith.

Noise Cancelation

Shh shh Shh shh shhhhh!
For quality performance
Wallabys and forests, pottery
No obloquy...
And this stance is basically for hands that pray and see
The lands that praise the King
To stay complete in ages
Had mention of spans given
Damages, acquisitions, palliate the mind
Contaminate the vision...
Buzz killington's surprised
Still unveiling ties, and ascots
Unhanded my patience, and, standing
Ask why...
That's my observation
Not opt to taking joy, breaking, shaking, stopping elation
With fading faith employed
Many changes, inspirations...
Some conditioning, stiffening
Forgetting relevancy since a different realm...
Dimensions been instilled, ticked
For being involved in this, sick end of the stick
Demons hit me with to draw in sin, resisted
I don't need the quick advice designed, and condescending
Envy filled their mind
But still the sights of earth exalt the wicked...
I ain't get the business yet, thought I'd give the benefit of doubts
The pits, no lifting out, estates of snakes
And major blatant manifestations of satan's brazen hate
I been in this, before the jealousy, I'm still in this
Celebrity, with enemies that I don't know
But, in the end, every liar, the fire, will take
Even when I mind my business, still conspire against me
I must stay silent to live, in peace, serenity
It get to me, instantly, presenting the facts, and so much sin around
The little kids'll drown in the ripples of such darkness, sending that
To get me touched, emotions, feelings
Being the slickest way to do it, I cancel out the noise within my own
For the Throne's help, while unrelated evils sit and long to wait for my destruction
Either closed up, or blind, but trying to find a flash
Because I don't confide in ashes, only grind in
Plastic knew what I'm about before the crafted tactic
Planted in through other people, that has been a while now
Many other evils, granted, found out
And just accompanied, to beat illumination as some form of malice
Things that don't include my ranges...
Switching, I don't do
In a different tune, never sitting with the cool
Never fit in with the views of satan
Fumes of hatred, gloom, and praises
Been renewed and made it...
Hidden access to me
Eyes wishing for humiliation
But I don't give it to them
Twisting rules
And I don't have a thing but I don't want it all
Something's off, different basis, masked as if this crazy
When it's extraneous
Expanded far beyond my own mind
Since... it's nosedived, below perceptiveness, inept to this still though...
Meant to deal blows that kill slow, and feel no compassion
But I still know the real Throne, I still go with that One...
The hope is granite, grown and candid, strong mechanic
Had a goal of engineering
But don't know if I should chance it
Mighty powers, insincere, laying below within my hammock
I can't really talk or tear
Without exploiting hidden fabrics
Inadvertently, even, it occurs to me
Even fortified castles on some hills isn't worry free
Persecution give me strength, I don't take it from it
I'm paid from it in spirit riches
Some supposed to pay in cents too though
In truth though, this judo, you know, kicking muses, ripped illusions
Minions through floors, for hitting low, rebuke it...
I'm getting comfortable in dreams
The one who many see, and not generic images
It's me, and I'm feeling welcome...
And when it comes to what is right
Something doesn't like the abstinence
Attacking by attaching crummy standards with some
Pacts of sin
Don't know if it's a new thing
No accidents, but all I know is that I live in
Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight, thirteen
The worse thing is being absorbed
Especially, when distortion, think it gets away with evil God sees
And living for it
It ain't my job to get revenge but ain't a sitting duck
I'm flipping with these flippers, trust
I'm swimming in the Spirit's love
I like to hear the trainhorns for the ambience
They warned, you can't dismantle this, just have to pass or sit...
The devil posted, told me I was getting crapped on, like lamps blown
But, when you have hope, even that is nothing
Disbanded tactics, leave it looking like a crash or something
God is everlasting, not in malice, only Light and truth
If it is or ain't, it will sustain, I feel the reign
I ain't even scripted but some steal the names...
Bet as soon as you give up on me
I'm breaking through
And that's the way life normally is
Sort of crazy ain't it?
I remember days would fade without a scrutiny
But, now, the devil came to measure hate, that's if I know or not
Glowing eyes, angel light, prose and odes, credentials, when it's wrapped in
Truth, to the tell the truth, you just may see again
But until, I cancelled out the waste to concentrate
But, what's substantial, I'll embrace, retreat, within, the Spirit deep
If I warn a person of some form of yoke amidst the sheep
But they didn't heed the horn, but went, proceeded blissfully
Then it is not my problem if skullduggery happens
I arm myself with the shield of faith and sword of Spirit
Ain't ignore what's formed
The same exact things establish every time I praise the Lord
Demons stalk to see me walk in evil, straw and needles
Rushing, love to see a brother struggling, conquer him, and crush him
Nothings claim we're nothing but somebodys know the truth
Frozen juice, so chosen doom imposed
Even for perception, I ain't even feeling that, leaving peels in paths, of traps set by evil
Time is febrile
Feeling happy, not from lack of hate
But tracks of fate
And plus, Light has been official, O.T.P., get close to me, in faith
The best I ever met besides Jehovah
I don't cancel that, drew a camp on that
Making sure the latern's sat, and patterns match
Appreciating true appreciation, too, and that's a fact
Harkening to larks
Shh shh Shh shh shhhhh!


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