Non- Contaminate

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A spiritual warfare poem of observation. After a few major elements are embraced, the details work themselves out. This poem can generally speak for itself.

Non- Contaminate

Fields of golden grass and low paths of Light
The loathing soul can only mold the hopeful so that's alright
I'm quite the soulful opportunist
That's not open to evil
The Throne encloses proper unions
That got noted by preachers
You see, the Light could never gravitate to evil
Aggravate the teachers
Sowing unbeknown-ingst-ly at stake
Creatures, poesy, the buoyance creates
A place, in shape enough, for sowing seeds
If can't adjust
The growing speed is pain
Too innate to
Beauty changes focus
True, another wave approaches
Placed into position where he doesn't have a thing to go with
Still remain, an ocean's likened to the silly maze
The dragon has some power
Lasts a hour
But Thee will sustain
Talk of what's inconsideration
Revisit what could count
And paying attention
Man, the wicked route is nothing now
I trust the sound of the Spirit and down religious
Satan hypes the libels up, minor stuff
From the biggest hatred, yup, I pick my Bible up
Love, with this shield of faith in
Christ is still amazing, my life is called
Like the little Saints is
Satan's will is basic, my holy Father is so complex
Complete, complexity caresses each and every soul He stationed...
Solo walks through the
Scary jungles with spider webs
Supernatural sightings
During nature walks when nobody's there...
O! God has cover His people and that's towards His glory
Lovely stories, God is a Spirit near
To His children here...
Those who do me right can trust me
But I'm not a fool
Erasers crack and crumble after constantly
Re-optioned moves...
I was deceived, tries to buffet me
But I find some trues and I must decree
He covers each...
See, the world is full of worthless deception
Though I'm aware of evil's plans, I'm not erring the helpings
And tell a demon, take the traps back
I'm speaking truth, so graph that
Real crafts mapped
Peel back that, teal snapbacks, and old vibes
Cool for who?
Progressed and from my own mind
Laughed at
But lesson bearing, blessings, set my own lines
Like clothes drying, fabrics hanging on
Mine, and no lying...
For while I'm trooping 'til my life change
Using what the Light gave
Some make it like you're foolish just for trying to do the right things...
Atmospheric peace and gentle amoras
The open room of Jasmine fields
With Dandelions or Roses, the Lavender and the Chrysanthemums
For moments, before the matches was opened, a lasting smolder
Fighting compromise, tragic components
Of only smear campaigns, to clear away the
Greatness and the glory of God
In fact, an aspect of it is the false accusing
Of insanity, expanding deep
This malice blows my mind
And I can't believe it...
I stand and beat it, finally seeing what I'm up against
I know what's going on
But my trust is in the One Who sits
Up upon His Throne
Never mocked, never won against...
And I don't know those evils
Plus some love the crutch of something
Jezebel in numerous vessels but dressed and veiled
And well, the devil use deception
Like the strings, puppeteering stuff
And claim that I deserve the worst
The curse, I laugh and claim the treasure
Found along the path, this spirit journey
Spirit riches, waiting, clearest image, engravings
Bitter wickedness will not take my joy
'Cause in my eyes, no amount of sin can fix it
Floating down in pits, the quickness of the disses
I had changed before the smear
The wicked did this just to end me
Never bringing me down
And since I've mentioned, witnessed times of
Survivors of the fire, ruckus, none's defining me
Combining Jesus with the binds released
And blinded schemes are, equal, to elation
Heightened basics, He supplies my needs, never be corrupted
My morals I hold above the love of money
Plus the crummy lust for power that the
Dust devours...
The evil speaks from the world's perspective
And it listens
Fine, but, deeming me some unfurling fetters?
And man, this tripping
And panning different, expanding spirits
My hands delivered, thinking 'bout the Light
And scanning scriptures, a day without a
And meditating on the heavenlies
Not losing sight
A contract under Yahweh
The trajectory
And, too, polite, ideas are just ideas
But the recipes are copyrighted
Plus do not conform
And let your Light become
Stay, if liked, abhorred, either


Life, Persecution, Spiritual, Truth

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Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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