"Non-Fiction" The Seeding: The Control Towers Of The New Earth, Angorius (Mini-Series Part Nine)

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What was the global multi-purpose of the pyramids and their capstone? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Introduction Into The Use Of The Pyramids And Their Capstones

Dear friends and readers, the capstone upon each and every pyramid was found throughout the new earth in every colonized sector of the globe. But what was so important within these pyramids and capstones was a technology most scientists have no way to grasp as the information has been carefully hidden from them as they try to reconstruct history’s past. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

The Initiation Into The Technology Of The Tower Complex

The initiation into the school of once lost technical vortexal arts were few and far between. Within the pyramids the new initiates were taught how to control not only the catalyst to remove the capstone in case of an emergency or danger to it but also how to work the mechanism deep inside the stone granite walls where a shelf built into the wall would open and retract or shut upon command of one’s knowledge.

This Was High Technology

The Apex of the building itself was made to look as though its very foundation would rock a labyrinth within its most solid confines. The pyramid in itself was coordinated with many other pyramids throughout the sector of the colonization of one race.

Every race of HUmans held the same type of technology
, for the entire grid of each pyramid held within its very structure the round-a-bout effect of a lampshade in that the pyramidal lampshade protected also the very pyramid it sate upon.

Just as each blueprint of the Standard economics coordinated with the main blueprint held by the Federation of Free Planets, each pyramid with its capstone and the mechanisms inside of both tied-in directly with one another as control towers for spacecraft.

Each pyramid served as a lighthouse on the ground for the flying machines in the skies.

The capstone was not a manufacturer of electricity because the electrical currents of the universe were what drove the sky planes, or starcraft with precision. These elixir currents served as a map to not interfere with the dynamics of the saucers nor other manufactured style of ships as the capstones would have done.

Had the capstones been left to the Hellion manufactures of the ulterior system of economics there would have been disaster for the ships because the Hellion races would have altered the frequencies with their own technological advantages and the Federation starships would have been led to crash into one another.

Therein, later the capstones needed to be removed and the initiates from each race and sector were were taught this critical and valuable secret and how to implement it. Only a few knew.

So how did the colonists gather electrical currents for powering their own grid?

The magnetism from the earth’s rotor was fitted with a little knob within the pyramidal structure and when this switch was turned clockwise, counterclockwise and then back to the right again at 45 degrees to 68 lineage turning the knob gently all the way up, a console opened or shelfed out at a 40 degree radius setting tripping off a silent alarm heard by all but the trees in the forest and “*m’lads that was the day the world turned momentarily green as the skies lit up with their charcoal bent toward the cloudless sky.”

The electrical charge promoted by the two crossed green rays hit every knob or homing device
from one side of the colony to the next until in each and every sector, the crosses, as the green beams were called, supplied magnetic electrical charges into each and every household.

By a turn of the knob each person could gently switch off the grid and regulate each and every room.

What Was "Wicca" And What Was Its Origins? An Introduction

The word Wicca was a word derived in later generations by the Hellion races of the planet after their invasion and occupation.

These same races in an effort to control the population of non-Hellion races which were the diverse races from the Federated worlds, sought every means to demean the seed people and to promote as evil every alchemical act or accomplishment of the high arts of knowledge as held within the Tree of Life.

(Continued in Part Ten)

*Scribed portion by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
19th Oct 2015 (#)

This nonfiction article was so interesting to read. Thank you so much for sharing it. I've learned several important things while reading your article. It just dawned on me when I was looking at the pictures that you shared that the Admirals have names just like us here on earth. I never thought about it before but it's been right there from the beginning. Admiral James Galiac and Admiral Jennifer Higgins. I'm wondering if the Admirals live the same amount of time that we do here on earth? How long is their lifespan? After reading your examples I'm sure I know several Hellions. They appear ruthless on a good day and on a bad day they are downright dangerous. Thanks for sharing such a great article. You are the best!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
20th Oct 2015 (#)

Well, dear One, our Nancy Czerwinski, you are more than welcome. We are sincerely pleased to read your every encouraging comment.

Yes, the Admirals, Captains, as well as many others in the Federation have names such as you are most familiar with upon this, your once new earthen home.

Normally, their life span is around two hundred to five hundred years of age in one body before another is stepped into or a reincarnation is again for them, desired, but that is simply due to the fact that medical and technological advantages and the atmosphere upon the ships and their home planets provide the best advantage to the overall health of the body in general.

Genes are carefully monitored in order that the children not be born with defects nor diseases which would hinder or shorten their life spans which would in turn delay their lessons in their evolution.

More about this will be explained further up throughout the Mini-Series so please keep the questions coming. We thank you all.

Nancy, we appreciate also your continued courage in sharing with others who read your comments, your most astute insights.

You are a continued encouragement not only to ourselves and our work but to many many others whom are too shy to respond.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Oct 2015 (#)

You guys rock everytime, cheers on such great masterpieces and sharing them with us in this forum, bravo and long live the federation!

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
20th Oct 2015 (#)

Fern McCostigan, you are a most gracious gentleman also within the tenure of your most appreciated words. We are honoured to have served you well, also, thus far.

It is our continued pleasure in doing so.

As such an involved and expert connoisseur of fine wines, we are verily impressed, to say the least, at your ever growing and continued examination into the field of such interest to so many others.

What you present to the public so selflessly and dynamically are masterpieces of information in their own right. Thank you.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
20th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks Peter for giving the page a valued star once again.

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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