"Non-Fiction" The Seeding: Was There More Than One Landing Place Besides Iraq? (Mini-Series Part Four)

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While there is much confusion over which nation supported the first paradisaical system and society brought about by the people from the “stars,” there remains hidden from the peoples what really happened - UNTIL NOW. We have come to set the records straight. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


Dear Ones and avid readers of the school of wisdom: Many religious structures claim an early paradise being set up in their part of the world, and as each religious structure also claims to be the only true one, there is much controversy and outright misinformation given up throughout history to the peoples of the world.

Most claims are false simply because the records tell a very different story.Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

Did All Starships Land In “The Garden Of Eden,” Iraq?

There were many such landings throughout the new earth as occurred in the land of UR, the first city of Iraq, where this time-sharing and hybred crossing was taking place for the preservation of animals.

In other words, the creatures brought, for example, from Pluto and Mars were hybred together as a preservative method. Both HUman species and their individual cultures relocated in two different regions on the new earth, we called Angorius.

What Happened To The Original Records Concerning Laboratory Creatures?

When other HUman species with their test tube cargo of creatures landed upon the new earth, they too, relocated to diverse parts of the earth, trippiding or cross-breeding their creatures with creatures of Mars, Pluto, Jasper Ellis, and Tripdoid Mannus 4. This is how the hybreding of what we call section-Xrossing came into the new history books on the new earth.

These were the original records
which were either destroyed or lost in events throughout the newest generations. Some were stored in large gulf bottles with green and blue overlay and sectioned off by quartets of pioneers who lost the way of the universe and the total, which simply means the universe and all which is contained within it. Of course, by these events there were more than five universes in all.

The Rest Haven Was Once “Paradise On Earth” For All Animals Alike

The landings upon this newly generated world was indeed a paradise in agricultural effective farming land and before long swarmed with bees and their honey making projects.

The animals and the HUman species
worked side by side as friends and allies and protected one another from harm. A friend does not hurt his or her friend, and the HUman races of that time generated much now lost respect from their creatures’ souls. They were all staunch allies and appearance made no difference at all.

All peoples and creatures felt at home anywhere they traveled or lived in the world, upon this new earth.

Intermigration was so common upon this new world with no borders, that grief, envy, coveting, selfishness, and greed were unheard of.

(Continued in Part Five)

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez

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24th Sep 2015 (#)

How about Nazca my friends or Machu Pichu in Peru. Awesome story

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
25th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you, Fern. We'll keep you posted on these topics as we go along with our series.

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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25th Sep 2015 (#)

And thank you, Steve, for the awarding the page a star!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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