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This one is a bit of a heavy read but relays what I believe to be a totally underestimated concept. There is no such thing as normal, we all accept that and yet we spend the majority of our lives trying to achieve the status of being "Normal". An obvious contradiction, but one that a lot of those I love and care for seem to be unaware of...


All my life I have had people put me down and focus on my short comings to keep me from believing in myself. Now I have come to realize that their taunts and discouragements were the result of their jealousies and insecurities.
Mankind by nature insatiably yearns for more and by indoctrinating fear of failure and weakness in us as children, we were inevitably doomed to grow into weak and insecure adults.
Under the false perception that revealing any short coming from the impossible concept of normal, within our beliefs, our psyche or indeed physical abnormalities would show that we intrinsically accept that we are not and yet yearn to be accepted as "normal".
To apply this attitude to social group structure leaves us with the only concept of self-worth coming from our search in everyone we know for things that make them as less "normal" as ourselves, there by alleviating our need to be perceived as normal.
So effectively even within our most intimate relationships we are living in the bizarre and unnatural belief that we are accepted in a "normal" relationship/friendship by the fact that the people in that relationship are not "normal". Just like us!
So essentially, the truest definition of "normal" is in actuality, accepting that "normal" does not and by the very laws of nature cannot exist.
As children and in some, as adults we validate our social worth by pointing out the short comings of those around us so that we can be sure that everyone who we want to accept us knows for certain that the object of our taunt is "less normal" than us.
It is a prison of fear thrust upon us as children, which we simply must let go of. It is nonsensical and cripples us.
If you can truly make peace with the fact that you are very far from normal (just like everyone else) then you can realize that it is the uniqueness of the things within you that are not normal that make you... YOU!
A beautiful and powerful spirit that is connected to the universe and every form of matter that exists on levels that science cannot yet comprehend.
There are many things in life that we must believe to see.
That is the true nature of the universe. Unlimited knowledge and spiritual power is on hand to each of us ALL the time. To access it you simply need to change your perceptions and accept that the universe is perfect and we are all a part of it.
So wherever you are and whatever you are doing. That is where you are meant to be and what you are meant to be doing. Essentially you need to make peace with yourself. This can often seem to be impossible, but it only takes a second to change your mind.
You are not what you do, you are not what you own. You are a human, being. (No, not a human-being) you are a human existing now, right now. Everything that happened before now, has already happened. It may have hurt, scarred and damaged us but it has already happened.
Everything that is going to happen hasn't happened yet so don't worry about it. All that matters is right now. That's it.
Make a choice right now. Decide that you are great. Just the way you are. No one else knows you the way you do so they can never know you entirely. You are your thoughts, your beliefs and your deeds.
The very next thing you do after reading this could make you great. You can decide right now what you want to do and do it.
I believe in myself and I believe in the power available to you, I believe if you believe in that power you can achieve anything you can imagine. No one can tell you that you can't. How would they know?
They didn't imagine it!


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