Not Better

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There is one thing no matter out status, acquisition or profession makes all equal

Not Better

Man throughout the passage of time spent many an hour
With that intention of having status and a great deal of power
And so there will be that focus in which there is that endeavor
To prove that compared with another person he is much better

And so there will be some whose will feel so high and mighty
As they have be fortunate to have a legacy, crafted by that genetic tree
And do that privilege which was obtained because of that of birth
Have help to create an area of separation to them on life’s turf

And so too there are many who feel that leap by material acquisition
Believing that in such there will be that portray of a type of differentiation
And in their eyes will beam such great joy and to them a feeling of delight
To show off on those whose fortunes have taking a different light

Somehow it becomes ingrain in the psyche of those who have a profession
That they are certainly above many, and seem to sit in an exalted position
So whilst they look down on other from that type of perceived steeple
It is these same people whose patronage that made them financially stable

Lately coming along are those who are blessed with a level of erudition
All made possible because they have embrace that theme of education
And so my stand aloof, feeling that this will create a sort of position
That will be able to make them stand out from that seemingly lesser person

So how long with it take them in this state where they seem to pretend
That their position was one crafted and created by alacrity of them
But they must understand the work of the future and something called nature
That affects all no matter be it rich, poor or even the one who is pauper

Then as time marches on and one gets deeper in that life’s trip
And the hand of age on all takes on that even tighter grip
So that youth gets stripped and now that look of wearing goes on exhibit
This now cause a stir as those tell- tale signs become very realistic

But why do they have to display this feeling of such superiority
Letting achievements and, status make them see others with inferior
Because no matter how much on earth they want to rant and rave
There is that equality formulated in the dimensions of the grave


Attainment, Balance, Height, Level, Status, Superiority, Worth

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
14th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your poetry! I love poetry. Smiles to you!

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author avatar poetic2984
14th Mar 2015 (#)

Well done

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
14th Mar 2015 (#)

Nice poetry at the heart of the matter

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