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This piece of art... is not self praise but a submission to all a BOW ..who have made ''LOVER ME'' RENOWNED Thanks to all... even to those who still try to condemn.. Feel sorry for em... just a minuscule non entity.
.By now everyone knows it..Thus all still read LOVERME

Not Unknown-Loverme

Not Unknown-Loverme


Hello Pete's Your article the first one I have ever read is an eye opener .I wonder how you take to poetry and you Moderate mostly what i post daily .i am so happy to see JOHNNY DOD Review your work.... I am so happy he was my mentor also
But I don't know where he has gone to.
But I know his remarks to a lady twisting every poetry I posted

'' Lady leave this one she has talent you can only dream of
''How he addressed me as a she
Was perhaps a typo.


I have been in this world longer than most of you around
.I have now become a sponge...

I absorb all kinds of '''nonsensenses''' as you know there is only one constant Change it is
We all have to change our ways our minds we all have to develop
We all must bear with the fantasies ,jealousies, abuses and nuances of all and sundry .We are not alone in this vast UNIVERSE.
And in terms of time we can only say we are dro
ps of ice and grains of sand in the vast universe, in terms of time we traverse from here to there in about 70 to 90 years...

Most pass away ere. .

Grateful to Wiki’

I am grateful to Wiki’s and its owners for not paying a dime to me..
.I have been here as you all know since past more than ten years. I am indebted to you all for still reading me.

My works are like a sine curve
up one day,
they fall the next day and
fall as does the Niagara fall where I visit so often ...
As it depicts my life in its reality .

I make no bones now but there was a time
1000 read me daily now it's my decline as nothing can ever remain at the top.
Over the cliff one has to roll over.

Mi Lord Siva Ramakrisna

Only pillar of strength I have here is
Mi Lord SHIVA...
Ask him.
Since I joined Wiki, in Johnny Dod’s time,
since then he alone has read every word of mine.

You all say there is a God, may be,
But Shiva is a Lord of Wikinut's and me
He still holds my hands.
I say God if there be one
Bless him

Include you too Pete’s

Now I include you too Pete’s,
as you print every poem I ink.
It may be fragrance of a rosy perfume
or garbage stink
but poetry alone is my very ink.
With all it does me link!

I sing, sleep, weep, cry, laugh and smile

all my while
in poetry no,
not for money

It will never be given by publisher, any
But to publishers 'twill be a boon
When I too am gone very soon.

Till then abide with me
do continue to read my poetry.
That's the only change...
I will let my sine curve live and it will

I BOW to Shakespeare only

I BOW to Shakespeare only

Though the level of the surf goes up and down
never mind

I will one day like Shakespeare will be found.
He knew no one when he lived he does in all hearts thrive ..
450 years the Thames has flown
that many times and more
but Shakespeare is still alive.

And he will!!!!

The World
19 AUG 2017

I take the liberty to upload all my Makers snaps off Wiki's and Shakespeare's ex inty


Friends, Lord, Loverme, Lovers, Moderator, Wikinut

Meet the author

author avatar LOVERME
The one and only LOVERME
Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Aug 2017 (#)

Thanks Loverme for the mention. Yes, I am here just to read you mainly and lend my hand of support.

I started with Associated Content which was taken over by Yahoo. Being a non- US resident I was not paid but the site was active though Yahoo was not fair to close it down rather than pass it on to another.

I am with myLot now posting discussion topics and get paid and that matters. Sadly, when payment stopped here most left and that is a real dampener. I want an active site to motivate myself as each of my posts are made putting my best foot forward.

Wikinut is always close to my heart and I feel the loss that it just exists without much life - siva

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author avatar LOVERME
18th Aug 2017 (#)

great comment Mi LORDS....I will continue here

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author avatar LOVERME
1st Dec 2017 (#)

thanx Lords this is also catching up
o god
now also ask GOD WHY

yes just came from a cremation did u all read the review by Director of the movie why did he not save Jack he could have but then the movie would've become just ordinary I also composed a poetry do read it ,yes very recently

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author avatar LOVERME
18th Aug 2017 (#)

she swept away fuckin the guy who??? mi lord johnny and petes do u know

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author avatar LOVERME
19th Aug 2017 (#)

thanks for the reads my sine curve rose today to 429 from 203

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author avatar Carol
20th Aug 2017 (#)

A great piece Loverme, and another star, well done. You have been here a long time, over 10 years, whilst I have been for 7 years, Its a platform for our work, and its sad how many good writers have left. For me it has never been about the money.

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author avatar LOVERME
21st Aug 2017 (#)

Thank you so much ,
your walking down the carpet is more recognition
..than a few cents

Thanks you have shared
your wealth of words and encouragement ...
with me
and as you know it's been a long run..
we met years ago a decade now
I would not be able to let you know
if I don't Bow to you now
I am and shall for times to come remain as
I am not someone's imagery toy
they play at times with me as their toy to destroy unknowingly
they are sad never mind let them enjoy and be silly and happy
.. I am just a small poet
..who is published here
now and again I perhaps I am the only poet lying in the garbage bin of WIKI'S TIME'S Poetry

So let it be a few still read me

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author avatar LOVERME
7th Sep 2017 (#)

Wow, Autumn in Canada

You autumise well Johnny

Of Canada I have snaps so many,

Soon I shall display,

When autumn has totally left our way,

The trees are beautiful

Coloured hues


yesterday it snowed

As in autumn it does,

Then heralds the winter

After a week or two,

Till some green trees

Turn into pink and blue


what a hue

Till all of them totally undress


Stark naked they display

Their barren breasts

This is a wonderful prelude

to Autumn in Canada.

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author avatar LOVERME
22nd Oct 2017 (#)


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author avatar LOVERME
12th Dec 2017 (#)


You make many a heart throb
you have the sleep of many robbed
how dare you sleep as all are awake
knocking at your lovely gate

after you have abandoned the world
you will not know what we would miss
as you eternally sleep

till such a time comes your way
Dear poet of all times

We all request you to stay

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Feb 2018 (#)

Hello Lover me, I know not if you can remember me, Andre' (aka) Tranquilpen. I write on a page called which pays for content, however, I have yet to find a company like wikinut. Communities are created on everyone's interactions. Many of the writers from wikinut are writing on virily and we all generally tend to stick together. In spite of not having posted here on wiki for a long while, I pop in occasionally just like stepping into an old comfortable pair of shoes just to reminisce about great times that once were. My stats show that my pages still get an average of 300 to 400 views per day here on wikinut. Maybe, wikinut will start paying again, who knows? Take care Lover-Me. I miss your special poetry. \0/

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author avatar LOVERME
24th Feb 2018 (#)

Who can be fool enough to forget tranquil you,
so many times you have traversed my poetry
I alone call verse
as I speak not like others
I try and convey a lesson in each and every freestyle
and as you know
I am blessed with one... 1000 views
when Pete's obliges to publish else
CRASH for a day no poetry and
all come down on Loverme

still these passed three days 'twas 800 level.
You have made my day
and walked across my page you did a special perfume spray
but note no Publisher pays
I am a published one
and had to buy my own poem so the lesson learned is compose to your hearts content
forget cents
pray for reader's comments
at least those who come and review you
enjoy their scent
as Loverme does
you all must do return to Wiki's nuts
we all joined here when we all were
just plain and hard dry nuts

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author avatar LOVERME
25th Feb 2018 (#)

poor representation do comment some one I also do u

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author avatar LOVERME
27th Aug 2019 (#)

There is nothing like over masturbation,its a total myth . Many guys have sex three or four times and as their wives feel tired, they rest, but the guy goes in for another session of solo i.e. masturbation.Now read on.

A Masturbatory Myth

There is nothing like over masturbation. A Myth
There is nothing known as over –masturbation, many guys have sex three or four times and as their wives feel tired, they rest, but the guy goes in for another session of solo i.e. masturbation. One had three kids.
Well some guys eat a slice of bread; another is not satisfied with a half a loaf. Now it’s the same with sex also. Some guys produce too much of testosterone and so they have a higher than average hormonal state in their system, and as their adrenaline flows much more they have sex or masturbate more frequently.
Even married couples masturbate. No where is it written that once week is OK. In the initial years of life we all masturbate or have sex much more frequently till 27 years of age, when the testosterone level and libido in men levels up and after ten or fifteen years starts declining. So one must not make vague statements. As in masturbation hands replace the vagina, whereas as in sex vagina replaces the hands .Perhaps more of emotions are involved during coitus, as compared to masturbation. So please leave it at that. You do as much as you can and wish to .I am an experienced person in sexology, so I advise that you either kindly brush up your knowledge or else remove this mythical piece of illusory masturbation.
Masturbation or sex, only help remove the sperms and these acts helps in the delay of the onset of prostate, as in men its a normal cause over fifty years of age. I have helped folks delay prostate for over nineteen years, as against doctor’s advice for an early operation, only by suggesting masturbation and or sex.
As far as premature is concerned, for heavens sake don’t mix it up with masturbation. First under stand
The meaning and purpose of sex, then you will know. I do hope young man as you must be, you will spread knowledge with your experience. Masturbation is must even for older men.

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author avatar LOVERME
9th Oct 2019 (#)

This poem views the growing population of the world, as an agriculturist converts wheat seeds and rice it a mass production .So do we add on in a game of multiplication....
their seeds
their seeds



Transform seeds into a plantation
spread upon the wings of the earth
a real heaven,
where these spread
to become gold
in the markets to be sold

the greenery vast
is like an angelic beauty behold,
the eye is the judge of all things scenic
long distant grasses grow
as the sun does beckon
to see
it transform to a bigger one
as the chlorophyll turns
from green to gold
human lives to creation are sold
as they turn seeds into fodder
in the markets
to be exchanged for gold

the chaff is separated from the product,
which are made worthy
by the wind
winnowers sing songs of praise
as the chaff and grain
when threshed,

Stocks are piled up in mounds
the villagers
the agriculturists
the business -class do sound
to convert golden ones
now to metallic gold
to the ever increasing population
it is sold.

the natural invisible one has seeded
human race has survived,
there is love from birth to life,
as the golden seeds transform
a newer human race
thereafter is born....

the race of man through generations of procreation is the summation...
the know all please EXCUSE!

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