Not a Real Woman?

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Am I the only girl here that feels as though their own body fails them?

What I'm Talking About

Ok, lets check out my daily routine...Get up, get ready, look in the mirror and still hate what I see. I can tell you that I more or less do this on a daily basis. And the funny thing is I know I'm not the only one. All this hyped up media nowadays is getting ridiculous. It's like any woman above a size 6 is obese. I'm 18 years old and affected by this. I look at myself and hate everything that I see.

Why Can't I Just Ignore the Media?

Ignoring the media sounds simple.

It's not.
Magazines, television, everything screams in your face daily that you aren't good enough because you don't look like this perfect person. My chest isn't big enough, I'm not tall enough, my legs are too fat and I'm not pretty enough. All these thoughts I think about myself, but I wonder if I would still think them if I didn't have someone else telling me how I should look. The media is everywhere, ignoring it is not a possible solution.

So What Else Can I Do?

Well, the only thing I can think of is on a 'good' day, I should tell myself that it's a good day. And on a bad day, I should just take no notice. My view of my own body has been tainted by the amount of perfect women that I see. And I can't be the only one feeling this way.
So from now, each day I will try and make an effort to ignore what's going on around me. I should stop comparing myself to women that have been airbrushed and had a whole make up and hair team at them for six hours straight.


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author avatar A Friend
9th Jul 2010 (#)

You are gorgeous and dont forget it! i would give anything to look like you :)

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author avatar RSyed
9th Jul 2010 (#)

Looks really dont matter, health and character matter a thousand times more.
But even so, if that is you in your profile picture, you really shouldn't have to worry about how you look, because you're beautiful. Stay happy!

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author avatar Willa
10th Jul 2010 (#)

:/ I'm one of those with low self confidence, which is why I wrote this. But thank you :-) That's really nice :-)

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author avatar purnomosidhi
13th Jul 2010 (#)

Everyone is unique. Be your self. Be your best self.

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author avatar Denise O
15th Oct 2010 (#)

Shadow, you have not a thing to worry about,
you look great!
I'm going to be 47 the 20th and I feel gorgeous.
I might not look as good
as I once was on the
outside but...
I like what I see on the inside.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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