Nothing Gangster

Oluwasgun Chidike By Oluwasgun Chidike, 16th Jun 2017 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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Here's a spiritual poem of truth that can speak for itself.

Nothing Gangster

I didn't really need a lot of time to see...
When I went astray, while, for others, it may be different
But anyway
'Twas not prescribed for me...
Like a puzzle
I struggled organizing
Love had crumbled normalization
I trust in God, the Lord's grace, usher more faith in...
Told me, 'Stop doing it your way and..'
Ever since, been some strict limits
Not condemning nor rage
More flames...
Sealed within me, filled, replenished
Getting that feeling of the Spirit even more than what I used to feel...
The muse is real, I use it still
And most of what's imposed on me
Only rush to hold on me, so focus closes
And the whole illusion heals
Souls are doomed and killed
Sown components on the moment that the truth's revealed...
Trust and
Just like enemy of the state
Just my misery, just my faith
But I pray I'm raising
Vague, mysteriously, the Lord had claimed His place on me
He paved the way and stayed on beat
I'm straight
I stay obsessed with greatness
Soon, I'd see it manifest, and I'm blessed for ages
No, my dreams and visions ain't over
That's the nets of satan, hectic fading...
I ain't interested in wickedness
And I learned a couple things about success and how to live in this...
Harassment, certain tactics happen everytime I'm shining
Everytime I'm trying to manage
All my hard work...
Not too many understand it, eh, my art dirt
Dark shirts and hats, my standard, knowing I've answered Yahweh's call
I'm sorry, y'all
For planting Light that's sprouted
Granted, sike... I write a kite
I strive for right
I like the sky, I'm counted, in the name of Jesus
But my flow and pattern's strong enough...
I'm a wave and a flame, and a painted sign
Point towards the Light
Not to hell
Just to save a mind
Change a life like mine was changed
Rhyming phrases-wise
Lots to tell...
If I fell in love, I want to fall in love the right way
Type a, all up in those stores like Lifeway
Finding things defining faith we share
Trying to take it there...
Nothing gangster, just the faithful place that grace prepared
Searching out the picture that's extending far beyond perspective


Eternally, Light, Truth

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author avatar Oluwasgun Chidike
Author. Story Teller. Dreamer. Prophet of YHWH. One Of Those Revolutions Will Begin With A Pen.

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