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During traveling my purse was pickpocket, and I was force to travel without money.
The experience was so horrible by the thought itself without money how to reach home.But thanks to the conductor with his great help I was able to reach safe and sound.

Reach home safe and sound

When I was doing my M.Sc (life-sciences) from pondycherry university (now called Pudducherry) I use to travell from Pondycherry to Bangalore (now called Bangaluru) from there to K..G.F (Kolar -Gold-Fields) 100 km from Bangalore during night journey.

If I have to travell during day time than there was another route as there was no direct bus for Bangalore.
The route was some what like this:
Pondycherry-erode_salem_Tirunamalli-krisnagiri- K.g.F

As soon as I finished my classes we all student planned for mass bunking And decided to take leave for friday & monday.
As saturday use to be holiday so we will get atleast 4 days to spent at home,so after finishing the class I hurried for packing clothes grabed all my money from all the source were I have kept.
put all of them in my purse slipped the purse into my bag and got into the bus Pondycherry to Salem.
From salem I took the bus for Tirunvelli my journey was enjoyable with dreams to see my parents I was more excited to give them a surprise.

As I reached Tirunamalli I was filled with joy atleast I cover 1/2 the distance.
1/2 more distance to cover.
I was hungry wanted to have something so that my glucose level should be maintained.
I went to hotel to have some food.
As I reached for my purse I could smell something wrong.
No It was not there I was in shock state.
could not able to move my fingures turned dumb & pale,prespiration started on my face,it becomes red.
My head started spinnig no money at all,how to go home.
Still !/2 more distance to cover.
I was not able to cry also because doing so I may attract some unexpected trouble to follow me, so I was pretending to be calm.
I was sitting at the bus stop.
Bus conductor asked me weither I have to go to Krisnagiri.
I was still sitting there, the bus was full with passenger and about to leave.
weither to get into the bus or not I was struggling thinking.

Finally I decided to go,got up asked the conductor and told him whole story.
He was looking at me with his eyes opened wider and wider.
He went to driver took him to one side,they both were discussing something seriously.
Conductor came to me and asked me to get into the bus.
I was in great dilemma I got into the bus.
As I had no other option left no money to make a phone call too.
During that time there was no mobiles (15 yrs back)
So, with no other option left I get into the bus, conductor gave the single seat that was suppose to be his seat,next to driver on the left side in front of entrance.
my heart was pounding as if it will come out.

Journey begins for Krishnagiri I closed my eyes and started praying O God! I should reach home safe and sound.........
suddenly bus stopped for tea break he (conductor) asked me to have something &was giving Rs 20 I refused to take and sitting on my seat like an idol.
The bus started its journey on the way ticket checker came inside the bus he asked for the ticket I was
conductor replied on my behalf in tamil.
Science I could understand a bit of it.
I guess he recited whole the story to the ticket checker.
Ticket checker did not took any action and allowed me to travell and he got down from the bus was moving, now I can realise all the eyes stairring at me I could not face them thinking of some unusual things happening to me I closed my eye even more tightly, pretending as if I am sleeping.

Thank God at last bus reached Krishnagiri.
Conductor came to me gave Rs 50 fair for K.G.F,he came along with meshowed me the bus to K.G.FAnd told he bus driver to drop me safely as it was getting dark.

I thanks conductor and asked his address.He gave me the address by saying thay please don't return the money.
I said o.k and waved my hand otside the window to tell him bye bus moved slowly.

I was feeling good now my heart was also functioning normal.
I was happy and excitement started dancing in front of my eyes
I reached K.G.F safe and sound.

One thing that I did first was that send the conductor a thank you card.
with his great support I was able to reach home safe and sound.


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author avatar Shashi Mehta
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Good people do exist in this world. thanks for sharing your experience.

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author avatar geetbhim123
5th Nov 2011 (#)

thanks for the read shashi

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
10th Nov 2011 (#)

It is indeed a horrible thing for something valuable or endeared to us having taken from our body without our knowing anything about it. Remember, if the very thing that happened to you had happened to some people, they would not have sat motionless and desperate in a bus shelter, wondering what was happening in their lives. They would wait for the next crowded bus to come and passengers alight and get on board, and in the midst of this rush pickpocket someone else without any remorse, to make money for the bus fare to their destination and to have also a beer on their way. It is the survival instinct of a person that decides what things to be done in crises. Some other too righteous persons will decide to walk all the way, regardless of whatever would happen on the way and also regardless of how much long the way. A bus conductor is a person who sees, observes and studies thousands of human persons in his life and employment. Most of them are very considerate and helpful, far better than many of us all. In Bus Stations when they sit idle after duty, the stories come out, excellent observations and philosophical visions. Most of them are beloved to their passengers on their particular routes. When some such persons get transferred to other routs, people grieve. Famous English essayist A.G.Gardiner put it in a beautiful phrase: ‘The sunshine moved to other routes.’

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Jun 2015 (#)

I have seen the poor are able to give more! siva

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