Now corrupt Kenyan Governor targets tenants

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Jackson Mandago, described as one of the most corrupt Governors in Africa, and who has been accused by irate residents of felling over two thousands trees for sale to enrich himself, besides plundering public coffers with impunity, now sets his sights on the eviction of thousands of tenants to pave way for acquisition of their houses by himself and a battery of his gluttonous proteges

Court order

Tension in the expansive Uasin Gishu county, located in Kenya's Rift Valley province, has risen notches higher after the beleaguered and highly corrupt local Governor Jackson Mandago, defied a court order last week and forcefully evicted hawkers from other communities without giving them an alternative, as he also issued an eviction notice to thousands of tenants.

A Kenyan Principal Magistrate Francis Kyambia, issued an order on May 27 last year stopping the hawkers evictions but Mandago, in total disregard of the rule of law, went ahead and ordered his askaris to evict the small-scale traders by force.

Mandago also issued an eviction notice to residents who do not belong to his tribe, and who reside in the densely-populated estates of Kidiwa, Pioneer, Bondeni and Argwings Kodhek.

The media learnt that 95 percent of inhabitants in these residential areas are not from the Governors Kalenjin tribe and have therefore been targeted in the castle of their tribe.

Lame excuse

Mandago was accused of using the lame excuse of evicting the residents in order to have the estates repaired, but residents charged that the explanation does not hold water.

Accusations flew to the effect that sharks were rearing to grab the estates and it was for this reason that Mandago had issued the eviction notice.

The occupants have lived in the affected estates for over forty years.

Residents charged that the tension they were currently witnessing in Uasin Gishu was tantamount to the one reigning in Lamu, Coastal province which was rocked by politically-instigated violence.


They have strongly protested against the eviction move and appealed to the government to intervene immediately, as an obstinate and arrogant Mandago continued polarizing the Uasin Gishu county and governing with a Pharaohic spirit.

It also emerged that a member of Mandago's kitchen cabinet Sammy Ruto, who is a former Mayor of Eldoret town, located in the same Rift Valley province, and who has also been mentioned on several occasions as having been linked to the 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya by providing fuel to attackers, was the brains behind Mandago's endless scheme of evicting people from other communities.

Local residents described Sammy Ruto whose name has also featured in the ICC hearings, as "a dangerous man and tribal lord".

They charged that this Ruto who was the Member of County Assembly for Kimumu, in was constantly (mis) advising Mandago on the best strategies to adopt to kick out people from other communities from the Uasin Gishu county.

Sammy Ruto

Kimumu was one of the areas seriously affected by the 2007/2008 post-election violence and Sammy Ruto as a veteran of the area, had all the tricks at his fingertips on eviction strategies against people from other communities.

They also accused Mandago of shamelessly telling people in the county to move to either Western, Nyanza or Central provinces of this East African country "where they rightfully belong".

Mandago was also accused of blocking sub-division of plots measuring one-eighth of an acre, thus making it impossible for some communities to own title deeds after purchasing the pieces of land from willing sellers.

County employees who did not belong to his tribe were being frustrated by being posted to disadvantaged areas so that they would call it a day and quit.

Similarly, the county job rationalization aimed at reducing the wage bill was targeting other tribes, local residents complained.

Journalists put on notice

Journalists have also been publicly ordered by Mandago to toe the line by writing stories praising his leadership, or get forcefully evicted from the row-hit Kenyan county.

Elders from the Luyha, Luo and Kikuyu communities have petitioned the national government to personally intercede, and stop Mandago from his detestable machinations against other communities.

However, their desperate and passionate pleas have gone unheeded.
Local residents told the press that should the planned Referendum be held the outcome would be on a 50-50 basis like it happened during the 2005 plebiscite.

The government, they maintained, would not carry the day.

Divine intervention

The disenfranchised residents also said that they had called for divine intervention in churches in view of Mandago's tyrannical and colonial-type rule which they hoped would, for sure, come to an end some day.

Wolf in sheep's outfit

Residents being harassed by Mandago said they wasted their votes by voting for him during the last general elections, unaware that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Aug 2014 (#)

how terrible is this...thank you EVANS...

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author avatar EVANS KANINI
10th Aug 2014 (#)

It is terrible through and through.The Governor is an epitome of corruption and is drunk with power. Thanks for your comments, Carolina.

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