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This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.

Apart of it

The walls of reality come tumbling down
Ounce you find the right button to push
The dream within a dream ends
Ego, self, evaporate
All is all
Nothing is real
Sacredness is within each individual
God is one with man but man must awake to this
Only the cosmic being is real
Everything else is illusion

Blank Mind (is the title)

Erase my mind
Tidal wave of sleep
Uproot my tree
Coma sky

A void waits
Just beyond the horizon
Take a dive in
Oblivion never felt so safe

Sunrise no surprise
Another hour feels just like the last
How many disappointments will I live through?
Does anyone care?

Jack is not nimble
Jack is not quick
In fact he’s rather slow
Murky waters have left him frail
His pockets deep still he can’t feel

Green fairy comes quickly
Take me home again
I’ve had enough of this illusion
Too many agents of doom run the show
Broken in pieces I need to become hole
Oblivion never felt so safe
Oblivion is all that is safe

Cream Pumpkin

Echoing voices from long ago
Shape today
Ignored by the millions
Dreamed of by the few
The living is dead
The dead are living
A strange reality
An unwanted truth

Peace comes when we exist no more

Judge Not

When people see me they start judging me
By my hair
By my skin
By my everything
Why are people always judging?
By the hair
By the skin
By the everything

Are we not passed these childish ways?
Must we linger in kinder care ways?
Pushing everyone far away
Clinging to insecurities that are out dated

Why people see me they start judging
By my hair
By my talk
By my everything
Why are people always judging?
By my sex
By my skin
By my everything

How many times will people tell me how I should dress?
Saying I don’t take myself seriously
What is the measure of weakness?
Is it by the size of your tits or by the size of your dick?

People wake up- get educated
People wake up- set aside your fears
People wake up- live here and now
People wake up- we are one under JAH

Now I know that I talk funny
Is that a reason to judge me dumb?
If you get to know me you might be surprised
Instead of condemning why not open your eyes

We’re one under JAH
We’re one under JAH

Leave Blank For Now

Tasting sky
Dreaming tea
Walking the line of sunrise

Silver ears
Knowing the hiding truth

I’m squared
I’m on the level
Catch the answered riddle

Quenched illumination
Done building that wall
Free blue bird baby

Nail in my feet
Sleep in the cold
Awake with the morning heat

Steel on skin
Glass on mind
No time to pretend

Tuned into god
Dropped off the grid
Wall comes tumbling down

Spirit dice
Never your tongue
Nature is my only friend

Free love
Free union
Bend your knee to no human

Tasting sky
Dreaming tea
Wrestles leaves don’t worry me

Look Now

Many people say they want the love of JAH
They don’t want to strive for it
Believing they can do whatever they feel
Saying His commandments are not real
JAH loves those who love him
JAH loves those who love him

Many people claim to love the Most High
They don’t help the poor as they walk by
Some people praise the lord all day
Yet they can’t tell you what the scriptures say
JAH loves those who love him
JAH loves those who love him

For real

Mind up bender

It’s not always sunny in Nutopia
Sometimes clouds roll in
Obscuring liberation
Placing you in a prison
But you can’t fear
They will pass
They will pass
Isolation never lasts

No Mind Moment

Sometimes you move forward
Just to stand still
The hourglass is almost empty
You could have sworn it was full
A moment in time is no moment at all

At the end of a very long line
Checkout is broken but it’ll still scan you
It’s all a guessing game
Still you stand there with your products just the same
A moment in time is no moment at all

You stair up, down, and you think you’re all a lone
Packing your bags when you’re already home
Build a house, had a career, you were never satisfied
Always looking for another bite but the plates are all-empty
A moment in time is no moment at all

A moment in time is no moment at all


Who are you going to follow?
Now that your hero’s are dead
All you have is an empty tomorrow
Without a single dream left in your head
I wonder
I wonder

Will you be able to turn the page?
Or will you get set in your ways?
If the past is your only friend
What are you doing in the present then?
I wonder
I wonder

Why do the young fill you with rage?
Is your former self in their gaze?
Don’t worry your time away
They’ll become you one day

It’s such a sad circle
But it keeps rolling on
Dreams turn to dust
Only then do you know were you belong
In the end
Does any of it have meaning?
I wonder
I wonder

Just stay were you belong


I have become less myself to be with you
Placed myself under surveillance
Divided my personality traits
To make you comfortable with me

I am not as carefree as I would like
Continually scanning the brain picking the right topics
Walking on broken glass for you
Still you send me to the coals and shower

Always on red alert
Being the me that you want me to be
One day I’ll be who I ounce was
If I can find myself back to that person
Everyday I stay in your garden
The more I give myself away

I have become less myself to be with you

Smile Box

How much longer must we dance around this pole?
Trying to move forward with nowhere to go
A brick wall would be a nice excuse
Would it stop the pain inside?

Our eyes never meet due to our pride
In an open field we’re trying to hide
Can we make sense of the mess we made?
Or are we both rain in the shade?

I’d give you a box of smiles if it would brighten your day
Would that help us find our way?

Speaking without feelings makes the air thick
This tossed coin is making it hard to think
Our veneer is chipping what will we do
When we’re naked its only me and you

I’d give a box of smiles if it would brighten your day
Would that help us find our way?

Swollen Milk

Take off your daystar nice and slow
Show me the meaning of mind control
With your guru smile
With your tongue twirling miles

Give me your rug burn voodoo
Tied up frosting windmill
O black Madonna let me hear you sing
It’s not the tune I’m interested in
If you can slide I can split you
Show you a misfit too


Fork in the road she is a mantis
No more games no more practice
Dragon milk its time to swallow

Through Shades of Blue

I feel myself losing grip on reality
Drawn into dreams
The world of static fades
Limited life morphs into illusions of the limitless
Narrow minds repel me
I stop in the open fields of thought
War disgusts me
Pacify, peace, my home is build
Hatred can’t sustain my soul
Only love can cause me to take flight

I feel myself drifting
Drifting away
Drifting away

And I am thrilled


What will you say when the world crumbles?
What will you do when it falls apart?
What will you do when you know all your threats are wrong?

You can build yourself up
Create magnificent works of art
Cities that will boggle future minds
Be as academic as you’d like to be

One day,
It’ll all blow away
One day,
It will be swallowed by the sun

You can make progressive technology
Regenerate parts of the anatomy
Go to distant galaxies
Travel the speed of light

One day
It’ll all blow away
One day
It will be swallowed by ice

What will you do when your existence means nothing?

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Oct 2013 (#)

my mind is dwarfed ...
ur new ..
so please post a few...
if you want to ..
as no one has the time only to read you ...
just a short polite suggestion hope will do...
it took me 3 years to learn this....

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
4th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you very much so should I post like one poem at a time or a couple like two or three. Thank you loverme for your suggestion.

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author avatar vpaulose
16th Jan 2014 (#)

Beautiful post.

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