OMG.. They Kiss on The Fence!

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Kissing in front of public or Public Display Affection is a BIG NO for Indonesian traditional culture. When *First Published in Bubblews “OMG.. They Kiss on The Fence!”
you caught on it, you will be talk of the town!

> NO to PDA

Since it's Indonesia, vulgar dating in front of public is considered as a sin. In Indonesia, you shouldn't kiss your girl or wife in front of public, whether it's on lips or cheek. You should not hold each other tightly too in front of public. If you want to have intimate moment, it should not in front of public, go to get your own space. The limit to show off is about you hold her hand, but not really look like you spread that romance. It’s not that we have less freedom comparing Western, but that’s our culture.

> You Get Caught, Girl!

So, last night, after celebrated New Year, people arrived at home at night or midnight. My hubby has just done attending New Year festival in our neighborhood. He come back home at 1.30am. Until 2am he couldn't sleep because the noisy of firework outside. He decided to go outside. It was only for seconds before he got in again. He asked me, "Can you guess what I have just seen?". I said 'no' to him while he looked trying to make me curious more. "OMG, Merry and her boyfriend were kissing on the fence". I was surprised, "really?". I didn't believe it but I know my hubby is honest person and never telling lies. Teenager now is apparently having different attitude with couple of years ago. They are now braver and no time to understand our culture limit. Merry is 17 years old and she sits on High School now. My hubby told me that she may think it was a lonely night and no one would caught them kissing on 2am. They were wrong! Now, they could be talk of the town.

*First Published in Bubblews “OMG.. They Kiss on The Fence!”


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