Obama Care Was A Con Job!

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An opinion piece on Obama care in light of the three videos of the top architect of Obama care, Jonathon Gruber, which just came to light.

Top Obama care architect

We knew it all along! Now we have definitive proof! It comes in the form of three videos of Jonathan Gruber. Gruber is an MIT professor and economist. Must be a smart fellow! He is also one of Obama's White House advisors and the top Obama care architect. He met with president Obama 19 times in the White House. He was paid $400,000 for the job.

Too stupid?!

Three videos have surfaced of Bob Gruber explaining the deception built into Obama care. In case you've forgotten, Obama care is also known as, "The Affordable Care Act," and is 1200 pages long. According to the Supreme Court Obama care is a tax. In the three videos Gruber says that those touting the bill had to lie to get it passed because the American people are too stupid to understand that it is good for them. It never had the support of the majority of the American people. Gruber says it was designed fool the stupid ones. Obama relied upon deception to get it passed. The system is set up to hide its true nature, wealth distribution.

The end justifies the means

Obama has known this all along, and has been lying to the American people. The end justifies the means! Obama said that most Americans will pay less, and if you like your doctor you can keep him. Both are lies! Obama knew this when he said it!
So, Obama care is passed based on lies. It is a failed bill of goods. Democrats in the House and Senate almost unanimously voted for it. They have now paid the price for their support of the president. We are stupid? Take a look at the midterm election results a week ago Tuesday.

Would you let this man walk your dog?

It's been four days since the videos came to light. There is still no comment from the White House.
Just add it to all of the other scandals hanging around Obama's neck. Personally, I wouldn't trust the man to walk my dog!
Are you ready for the next scandal?
Here it comes, Immigration Reform.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
13th Nov 2014 (#)

The Affordable care act was written by lobbyists for the insurance industry, so of course it's going to screw the people. However, flawed that it is, at least many millions more people now have insurance that they could not afford before. The Republicans, of course, now that they're in control of Congress, will probably vote to repeal it. I wouldn't like that, since under Obamacare we were finally able to afford to get my wife health insurance, which we could not afford previously.

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author avatar Retired
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Let me correct you on Obamacare's authorship, Steve. As the article correctly says here, the architect of Obamacare was Jonathan Gruber, a academic hack for the Obama administration who designed written obfuscation into the Act to fool stupid Americans. Somehow he managed to fool you into thinking that insurance companies wrote it.

You'll be happy to know that my tax dollars are helping your wife get healthcare insurance she could not afford before. Glad to help, but I'll tell you, it wasn't by choice, Steve. The government made me do it.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
14th Nov 2014 (#)

Good focus on lying, thieving and deceiving abominables in Obama administration. Every agenda of theirs has been ridden with scandal. I hope Gruber gets worse than what he gave to us stupid people. Looks like he's emerged to be the big donkey in this.

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author avatar Retired
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Good piece, Chip. I love the walking-on-water illustration showing our self-absorbed president thinking himself a philosopher-king messiah-like ruler of the roost.

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author avatar tafmona
16th Nov 2014 (#)

I dint know this, thanks for sharing

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