Obama's odd, old maths: (Twin tower power and impotence of 9/11 - Part 3)

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I have joked about Obama's spoof, where he plays himself, as Lincoln film star Daniel Day Lewis might play him.
But as race relations are in the US today - and as the "hung parliament" there demonstrates - he's more likely to be lynched, politically and historically, than "Lincolned".

And another black US politician, Tim Scott, is holding the rope.

The political lynching of America's firstblack President

“One faction of one party in one house of Congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government all because they didn’t like one law.”

This is how United States President Barack Obama is describing the events that led to the first major government shutdown in that country in 17 years.

Is he for real? Does he really believe that?

Surely he knows that there are at least two "factions" currently undermining the essential decision-making work of Washington.

Surely he knows that the “fiscal restraint” ideologues of Capitol Hill are very likely being twinned and supported by the “Aryan supremacist” ideologues – extremist Right Whites, who having been subjected to the surprising defeat of their “golden boy” Mitt Romney in last year’s presidential election, are hell bent on ensuring that Americans will never again elect another Afro-American.

He must know that a fundamental message this shutdown is intended to send is that African-Americanss, when not work shy, are incompetent.

I feel certain that President Obama must have noticed that those preaching fiscal prudence when the issue is assistance for the poor and vulnerable, also tend to be the same people lobbying for “welfare” – or as they then call it, investment, or concessions – when the subject is assistance for the rich.

Does he not know that the vast majority of those Mitt Romney-like, massively-moneyed, 47%- -masses-disparaging flip-floppers are white?

I’m sure that he does. Just as he knows that he’ll be accused of seeking pity by playing the “race card” if he says any of those opposing “Obamacare” are racist.

Having read his autobiographical “Dreams From My Father”, I’m sure that Mr Obama also knows that there are racism and other wolf crying “African supremacist” blacks who would sell him and his legacy down the river as easily as their white Republican opposites.

I’m guessing that Senator Tim Scott, the first black Republican Senator from South Carolina, and the only black person currently in the US Senate, may not see his contribution to the political impasse that has left his President paddle-less in this way.

But then, I also would not be surprised to learn that the “fiscal and cultural conservative” is a fundamentalist Christian and therefore capable of the most extraordinary ethical and moral contortions and gymnastics.

Take the paradox of his prize-winning representation of the South Carolina Club for Growth’s “Right-to-Work” and his role in the current governmental shutdown work stoppage.

Or is that not a “strike” that he and his Republican colleagues have precipitated?

And then there’s the issue of reconciling his ownership of an insurance agency with his profession of faith. Such trusting – not to mention trading - in insurance can be a very challenging issue for some Christians.

Like I, my insurance executive twin brother Wayne, former Pastor Eileen Rowe and other insurance policy peddling and holding members of Barbados’ most prominent Pentecostal church, the People’s Cathedral, had to come to terms with the questions of such double-coverage raises.

But I would not want to bog readers down with speculation about Senator Scott’s religious beliefs. Especially since I was not able to find any definitive information on whether or not he professes to be a Christian, up to the time of this writing

Campaigning in various ways for Tea Party-style “Christian” causes is not the same thing.

Take Vladimir Putin’s politically pious posturing reaction to the “Pussy Riot” challenge to Russia’s religious conservatism.

What about the identification of Christianity with Capitalism by members of Edward Seaga’s Jamaica Labour Party when he went up against the “Communist” Michael Manley in that island’s 1980 general election?

Woman And Development (WAND) Head Dr Judith Soares notes this uncharacteristic politicalization of Christian teaching by the apolitical, Liberation Theology denouncing Jamaican evangelical Christians in one contribution to the recently published Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions).

And we would do well to remember the accommodations that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi henchmen reached with Pope Pius XII during the World War II nadir of European civilization.

The intersections of race, religion and politics certainly are, to say the least, fraught with complications.

The current Vatican incumbent, Pope Francis I, who opposed Liberation Theology justifications of resistance to Argentine state terror in that country’s CIA facilitated “dirty war” knows something of what it means to get things wrong in such complex situations.

But Barack Obama, among the most cerebral of American Presidents is not so “intellectual” that he cannot see that the opposition he excites has personal, “common sense” (more like “common sensual” or fleshy, skin-coded) elements.

He must know that one recent BBC Radio 4 broadcasted political pundit’s claim that he showed himself a worst President than Jimmy Carter in his handling of the Syrian, Putin-played crisis, did not come from the most objective intentions.

He must surely have made the link between his historic ascension to the White House, and a Norwegian white supremacist’s slaughter of politically active youths, whose democratic, liberal values were apparently viewed as exposing Norway to the terror of a black, Muslim President.

What does he think has accelerated the surge in Greece’s Golden Dawn Party membership in recent years?

Why does he think that I and other UK and wider Europe-based people of colour are experiencing what we may call a “white-rage-at-Obama” trickle-down effect?

To be clear, I am not suggesting that every white racist or black opportunist in America or elsewhere self-consciously despises or envies that country’s first black President.

White racism, like fundamentalist feminism, like reverse racist Rastafarianism, like militant Islam and rabid Zionism can conceal itself from those whose hearts and minds it infests.

Would Professor Celia Deane-Drummond for whom I have boundless admiration consider herself a racist? Probably not.

But in her arguably simplistic reference to “African spirituality, with its love of life”, in her delicious Wonder and Wisdom” (which I have just completed reading and added to my Christmas gift list) I detect something of the dismissive, patronizing tone that a female journalist assumed when questioned about the possibility that a black man might be elevated to the papacy.

That was in 2005: the year the Cardinals chose former Hitler Youth, Josef Ratzinger, Pope (now Emeritus) Benedict XVI.

Coincidentally, Pope Benedict was the first Pontiff to whom I addressed an “open epistle”. And in presaging the “radical change” that his conservative papacy would unexpectedly lead to, that letter has now proven rather more prophetic than even I could have imagined

However it is not my prescience that concerns me mainly here, but that of evangelical “Pope” Franklyn Graham.

Americans will recall that it was “Pope” Franklyn that predicted economic Armageddon last year, following President Obama’s re-election.

My concern is that by engineering a large scale shutting down of the US government, Senator Scott and other Congressional and Senate Republicans have created a situation in which the evangelical “Pontiff’s” could achieve fulfilment.

And I’m not sure that we need to wait for the outcome of debt ceiling deliberations leading up to October 17th to see this.

We don’t need a new math to predict the well known outcomes and products of the old problem that is racism.








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