Obstacles To Equality For Persons Living With Disabilities: A Complicated Picture

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this page gives a summary of a number of issues facing the disabled like education, employment, rehabilitation and so forth

Compromised issues about disability and equality

the other thing that still leaves a lot of unanswered questions is that, we find that the boys with disabilities and the girls with disabilities receive a very different kinds or even levels of education. This is a clear picture showing the role that gender is playing in special education. even though it is common to find that students are treated differently when it comes to gender, it is even more worse when the cases of disability are involved and more worse when the student has a mental disability.

When we talk of higher education, then we mean a nightmare for most women with disabilities. The common and general problem that will affect them and the disabled men is the accessibility problem, the institutions will not be so willing to provide them with accommodation, there will also be a challenge when it comes to the need for special services like readers for the blind and sign language interpretation for the deaf. But when we look at the case of disabled women, we find that they face additional problems other than what affects them together with the disabled men. Just like it is with the non disabled women, the disabled women may be forced into traditional female fields by the academic advisors of some institutions; they may face more big obstacles than the non disabled women if they show interest in the male dominated fields. And at times we may find that disabled women are even pushed to pursue the disability field in the higher learning institutions. This therefore shows that disabled women will hardly get a good chance to pursue the careers that will enable them to access highly valued and well paying professional positions. it is very clear that the disabled women face a lot of employment barriesr when compared to disabled men or even the women without disabilities.

Men with disabilities may have serious employment issues, nut on the other hand, it is even worse for disabled women. This is seen to women with any type of disability. Men with disabilities are almost twice as likely to have jobs than women with disabilities. It is also seen that the disabled women are more poor when compared to the disabled women. This is due to them being unemployed and also being poorly paid when they get jobs.

The reasons as to why disabled women may be seen to be having unequal access to education varies with a number of reasons. The disabled women may find it hard or rather they may not have been well considered by the rehabilitation programmes. And even if disabled women are rehabilitated, then they are well rehabilitated in part time jobs and not professional positions. And this is still a sign of gender based discrimination faced by the disabled women. Disabled women are faced with a double danger in their lives, they are discriminated for being women and also for having disability. The stereotypes that are attached to the disabled people and to the women are felt more by the disabled women than the disabled men. These are made in a way to express disabled women as passive, dependant, helpless and failures. These are the attitudes that are in the general public and also in the rehabilitation centres. This has resulted in disabled women being less likely to access or even to be referred to vocational trainings. This makes disabled women to lack proper training hence poor rehabilitation into employment.

Women with Disabilities and Disability Policy

we need to ensure that at least the disabled women also get good access to the supplemental security income since it is a world wide show that disabled women hardly get a smooth access to jobs and if they do then the jobs are not permanent and if they are then the pay is low and this is not enough to cater for them when considered the extra expenses of paying care givers as well as their special needs. There is also need for disability insurance and workers compensation as well as vocational rehabilitation. This will make the disabled women not to feel as the most disadvantaged women because of their relationship with the labour market and their participation.

Most of the studies that are done among or about disabled women are seen to pay a lot of attention to women with physical disabilities. Women with mental or other types of developmental disabilities are been for a long time been neglected by the researchers who have examined employment situations of disabled women. What many employers fail to realize is the fact that the disabled persons are more productive in the job when compared to the non disabled, he disabled persons are more keen on job and the results are more trusted, very accurate and also reliable as compared to the non disabled workers. There is need to away with the barriers to employment of the disabled; this may be achieved well when the job places are designed to enable accessibility for the disabled and also the provisions of programmes and technology that will enable the disabled to work efficiently and effectively.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
21st Oct 2014 (#)

Still there is a lot of discrimination here in the States with people with disabilities regardless of the laws, many companies don't care and want to give any opportunities to this population.

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author avatar khushal
21st Oct 2014 (#)

nice sharing

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author avatar khushal
21st Oct 2014 (#)

nice sharing

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author avatar viewgreen
25th Oct 2014 (#)

Informative article. Thank you for charge this piece of knowledge. :)

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author avatar Mutimut
26th Oct 2014 (#)

Very nice article. thanks for share.

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author avatar Kingwell
27th Oct 2014 (#)

A great share. There is much to be done to bring about equality. Blessings.

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