Obstacles To Equality For Persons Living With Disabilities: History Of Neglect

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this page talks about the history of neglect that the disabled face in the society.

disability and society

The women with disabilities have for a long time faced neglect from the disability studies, and also this has been seen to be common in the feminist scholarship and the worst is that the issues affecting women with disabilities have been ignored by disability rights movements. We find the attitudes of the society running through even to the disability rights movements and also in the feminists movements. The society has for a long time looked at the disabled women as women who are role less and very dependent thus ignoring them when issues of inclusion and mainstreaming are being addressed. The women with disabilities have now turned to doing the advocacy on their own that is why we find there are many feminists with disabilities fighting for the rights of disabled women. The society has played a big role in intimidating the disabled women, the beliefs that go around about disability affects women more than it affects men with disabilities.

It is a common thing to find that almost all forms of research that have been carried out on issues affecting the disabled have not taken into consideration the importance of gender and many other social dimensions of life which include but are not limited to; social class, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The experience of living with a disability automatically darkens the experience of the areas mentioned above. We find that even the so called sensitive disability students have focused on disability related issues as a form of unitary concept and they have even gone a step further making it to be a “master” status as well as an exclusive status for persons with disabilities. They have done their so called disability research with a gender blind approach when examining the challenges of the lives of persons with disabilities. There is a big gap where we find that they have not put gender into consideration and the influence it has on the lives of the disabled men and women.

There is lack of recognition of the double discrimination faced by disabled women both from disability and gender perspectives. And we also see that the policies and the practices in the disability field have not been designed well to meet the specific needs that are needed by the disabled women. The other most shocking truth is that the disability movements have ignored issues that are of great importance to disabled women, and we also find that there is a very loud complain from the feminists with disabilities about the male domination of the field and also the male orientation. This is seen from the way the disability movements have paid a lot of attention to male issues and the women concerns have not been given the required audience. Issues facing women with disabilities like child bearing and generally reproductive health have been ignored. The disability movements have just been seen to be acting like the rest of the social change movements that are seen to be existing, they have directed their all their efforts to primary male experience which has seen the disabled women to face a long time experience of discrimination. This has made the feminist with disabilities to be uncomfortable being members of the disability rights movements.


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Interesting article... Thank you for sharing this information.

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