Occupy and Senator Claire McCaskill

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Senator McCaskill meets occupy the voting booths founder Greg Stomberg at a town hall meeting in doniphan MO before the big 2012 election.

Occupy and Senator Claire McCaskill 2012

Occupy meets senator mccaskill
by Gregory Stomberg

Two weeks after the occupy wall street sit down strikes I formed occupy the voting booths pages and groups on fb and helped organize protests etc.
2012 big elections across the country were going on.
In MO it was Todd Akin the biology professor against incumbant Claire McCaskill.
This was an emergency, the bible thumping hate spewing Aken was spreading lies about raped women couldn't get pregnant so no birth control, morning after pill or abortions.
Senator McCaskill was coming to doniphan MO so as founder of the occupy the voting booths it was my duty to meet with her and ask a couple questions.
I was early, mingled around, happy upbeat crowd.
The senator was a little late, I got a seat up close.
She gave her speech and I was very impressed, she was smart, funny, and very likable, she spoke about the drought, women's rights, obamacare, farmers, and more.
She knew her material, she wasn't reading sound bites or spitting out rhetoric.
I told her press agent Erik that occupy supported Claire McCaskill and we would do what we could to stop this monster Todd aken.
I asked about legal hemp, medical marijuana, and legal marijuana, which got a funny reaction from the crowd.
She's for hemp, that would really help mo, not so much for medical pot but does understand its benefits for cancer etc, and against legal pot.
I met her daughter, nice young college student, she knew about occupy anyway, talked to Erik while crowd gathered around McCaskill, when it thinned out I introduced myself to her, chatted a bit, again I found her charming and very intelligent.
So occupy pretty much rallied for the democrats that year because the only other choice seemed to be evil, idiotic, racist people, strange turn for the republicans.
We had a good day on election night, my wife and I both voted.

The End
Occupy the voting booths
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