Ode of the Old

Nina Fabunmi By Nina Fabunmi, 21st Jan 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem expresses the emotions of the aged by capturing their thoughts and feelings

Ode of the Old

Crapulent, my bones creek like that of old
They gaze at me like I'm just a cold mould
I once was young but now I'm spent
Friends dead and gone but I am left
Time has been merciful for me it has kept

I detest the insanity of vanity
This irritates my humanity
I mock at worldly wonders
In criticism of the days order
Looking at life through the eyes of another

My time of sin no more foreseen
I'm now a saint so meek and keen
My days on earth I count as numbers
Closer to my Lord to rid off my bothers
Tempt me not for that's for others

I am grateful for the company of the young
To tell a tale, to sing a song
Experiences I've had, I yearn to share
Even as I speak, I feel the stare
Fulfillment I find in their inquisitive glare

And in the loneliness of my chambers
My mind begins its thought cumbers
I brood over my loved and lost
The memories that failed to wither to dust
I think till my tear trickles into a frost

I shut my eyes to sleep at night
And dream of all my existence's fight
The days I had to slave for a wage
All now a forgone stage
And now I've flipped another page

Silently I smile at the thought of my achievements
The fruit of my years and my accomplishments
The beautiful ones I call my generation
The ones who cheer at me with admiration
To remind me of the worthiness of my life's duration

And needing a supplement
Emanating from that which gives me fulfillment
Within mine own embodiment
That which has made me opulent
Though I may be a crapulent


Old Age, Pensive Poetry, Pensive Thoughts

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author avatar Nina Fabunmi
I am an Artist , Poet and Writer. I believe in love, poetry is a part of me, the words play in my head and wouldn't let me rest till they are released.....

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author avatar Retired
21st Jan 2013 (#)

I enjoyed that, thank you

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author avatar Nina Fabunmi
21st Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you for reading and enjoying my poetry. I am glad

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author avatar Nina Fabunmi
22nd Jan 2013 (#)

Well spoken

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
21st Jan 2013 (#)

I enjoy a few benefits of being 'old,' but - for the most part- it is the reality of accumulating ever more symptoms and diagnoses - rarely directly connected. It can be hard and disheartening, but as has been pointed out by many - it beats the heck out of the alternative. Until it doesn't.

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