Of empty jars and tears

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A 5 year old's broken heart is expressed over the loss of a bug he caught.

Of empty jars and tears

It was a nice breezy day yesterday when I got my grandson off the bus so, we decided to collect some leaves. Him and his little sister were racing around trying to find the prettiest leaves for me to make a wreath with when he caught a bug. Quickly, he ran inside and put it in a jar and brought it out, smiling. He declared the bug his best friend and named him Common. He then asked me to keep Common beside me so he could continue gathering leaves.

I was busy making the leaf wreath as he gleefully ran about picking up more leaves.
" Look MiMi! I found some red ones!" He exclaimed proudly, his smile beaming beautifully.
Neither one of us saw his sister grab the jar next to me and let Common go. When he handed me the leaves his sister looked at him and said " Bug all gone".
That beautiful smile of his slowly disappeared as he dropped his leaves and took the jar from his sister.
Looking in that empty jar where his friend once was,for a brief moment,caused more emotions than a five year old should ever know to spill from his tiny body. His beautiful little face crumpled into itself and he dropped to his knees and sobbed.

"That was my best friend, Bryn-Bryn" he told his sister, " why did you make my friend go away?"

Being 2 years old his sister didn't understand why he was crying so much over a bug, but I knew. I knew his heart didn't just break over an empty jar that held his newest friend.
I knew that empty jar represented much more than that.

His heart break was for the father that had been in and out of his life since the week after his first birthday and the lies told by him , his mother and other grandparents about where his dad was. His heart break was for the truth that was finally told to him the evening before that his father had done something bad and had to go to prison. Another 10 years this sweet boy would be without his dad. His heart break was from all the other men that promised to be in his life, like his sister's father who said he loved Cayden, and that he was Caydens daddy now, but then left from their lives too. His poor little heart was breaking from being taken from his mother, for stupid mistakes she made, but he didn't understand that and loves her and misses her dearly. That beautiful little blue eyed boy cried because once again, someone, something, he decided to care about was no longer in his life.

My heart broke along with his as I understand that no matter how much my husband loves him, no matter that we would keep him forever to keep him safe, we can never take the pain of being left behind away from him.

I walked over to him and held him, comforting him as much as I could and slowly, pulled the empty jar from his hands.


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author avatar Lee Hansen
5th Oct 2014 (#)

Children love so very deeply. Your grandson has experienced such profound grief in his young life. It's a tough pill to swallow.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
7th Nov 2014 (#)

As adults we are maybe seeing too much. This could have been a pure emotion of loss and the child might have been sad just losing his friend the bug.

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