Offer them the pinky and they'll grab off your entire arm

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Oh for goodness sake, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri really are a class act. And not in a good way.

Offer them the pinky and they'll grab off your entire arm

Recently they have moved away from Paris out of their big house there, and into a small apartment in the Rand.

Well, for some reason Father decided he should offer his younger brother Uncle Hazel some better place. So he offered him a house in Rand Estate. FOR FREE, mind you, but of course Uncle Hazel would have to pay the levy the place levies for the operating services himself.

A very good, generous offer, but of course Uncle Hazel just had to make a burden of himself again.

First, Uncle Hazel and Auntie Shatri try to secretly get Mother to go visit them all by herself, so they can talk to her behind Father's back.

Mother said she's not going, so they sent her an email.

What utter, rude, arrogant pricks!

In the email they first want to make Father out to be a monster, by saying that Uncle Hazel and Father could never understand each other and Father just wipes them off the table.

Now, they wanted to talk secretly with Mother and play on her feelings and make her make Father pay to first make all the improvements to their liking to the house Father was offering them.

For example they want the garage divided so Uncle Hazel can have an office there, among loads of other bullshit kak.

The nerve of these people, ACTUALLY EXPECTING Father to do all that for them at his expense too after he has already offered them this beautiful fantastic home.

I swear, these people and their rudeness are pathetic.

Mother tells me all this while her and I are driving back from town. Of course I waste no time in advising Mother to never, ever fall for these users and abusers.

Fortunately Mother also says that one time while Uncle Hazel was talking secretly to Mother on the phone, Uncle Hazel didn't know that Mother was with Father and Father listened to the conversation.

Father of course was fuming mad at being made out to be an inconsiderate monster whilst being expected to pay every time they snap their fingers, and wanted to call back Uncle Hazel immediately and demand an explanation.

Unfortunately Mother stopped him for it would only lead to a fight.

But at least Father knows now what is going on.

Once again he is figuratively being thrown with shit in his face, all as thanks for his being so generous and helpful to these pathetic losers.

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