Oh, you thought we were going to start a coffee shop? We meant school.

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I'm awakened in the guest rooms of Rand Estates, by my cellphone alarm. It's such a beautiful bell-like tune. I've never used the alarm function of my cellphone before, so I kind of only discovered it last night for this morning.

Anyway, up I get, and it's not long at all before I, Father, Mother, Harrison, Mary, and their two kids, are at the airport, waiting to board our plane.

Harrison goes to the toilet only to crap in his pants

A nasty accident befalls Harrison: He goes into a toilet cubicle to spend a nice time relieving himself, but when it's time to come out, he realizes he has just crapped right in his pants.

I don't know how in blazes he did it, but didn't want to ask the details either; perhaps it was too cold for him to pull his pants down all the way or something.

But the point is Father has to help him out of his predicament by getting him clearn pants from the car. I can understand crapping your pants if a toilet isn't available, but sitting on a toilet and crapping your pants? A novel idea.

Can I stomache the news today?

Here at Lanseria, they give free newspapers, ones that aren't free on the street. It's really a plus point for this airport.

Mmmmm... let's see what's interesting in this paper.

Usually South African news leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, as the black ANC government is always committing crimes on a staggering scale in order to turn South Africa into a communist country of sorts but they know they can't but they want to please their communist-oriented voters anyway so they do stupid things to appease them.

Whatever their crime, they blame whites. It makes no sense whatsoever, however by now there probably isn't a South African left who expects the ANC to make sense, be reasonable, or actually govern and not exploit and steal. They're a gang of criminals in power, who will keep themselves in power, and no election can change that as elections in my mind are just for show. You can really only feel sorry for the ANC because they know full well themselves that they do not have the qualities and abilities needed to bring about a happy, civilized South African population.

Spear Of The Nation

However, sometimes among the angering news of irrelevant, high cost nonsense these baboons practise, one finds a good dose of humor.

Now, not long ago, the ANC wanted to make it law that the press is not allowed to report on the criminal conduct of the ANC. This caused an outrage, and since then I get the impression that the press have been more aggressive at exposing the ANC for what it is.

Numerous problems have since arisen between the ANC and the press, for example, the other day a newspaper was sued for reporting on the vandalizing of a painting at an art gallery, depicting the ANC president ... symbolically, symbolizing his traits and deeds of his personal life. The paper was sued for printing a photo of the "vulgar" painting. It is obvious that under the ANC government, free speech is in itself a crime.

(See a great spoof of the painting here. The actual painting needs some political insight to understand.)

More problems have arisen with newspaper comic strips that depict the truth in a humorous light. It seems it's a crime to poke fun at the ANC's mind boggling indiscretions.

Booze goes to Malema's head

Anyway, today, a newspaper topic reads:

"BOOZE GOES TO MALEMA'S HEAD". It then proceeds to tell how Malema was hit by a bottle of expensive French champagne at a wedding, where he had caused trouble again.

I just thought the heading was a cute way of putting it.

(In case you're wondering why you're not hearing much sympathy for Malema's injuries, Malema is a racist, immature loudmouth, pushing openly for violent and fatal communist implementations, who have thought himself on many occasions above the law, singing songs openly at political gatherings about how whites should be killed. He also called his own party leaders "dictators" and whatnot, for not implementing his proposed insane violent and short-sighted methods of destruction of the last fibers holding South Africa together. So, it wasn't long before he was booted from his position as the "ANC Youth League" leader )

Anyway, enough politics. We get on our flight and we fly through the sky, all the way to lovely Cape Town.

Our Mother City

We find fantastic weather there. Well actually I like it more when it's a little cloudy and cool, otherwise it's just too hot. But other people like it when the sun is out all day and it's of hot temperature outside.

Oh, no, you thought wrong. No coffee shop. That's why you came here? Too bad.

Stingley says he thought about the idea of a coffee shop, and he's not for it. Very interesting, since the whole idea behind our coming all the way to Cape Town was to investigate their coffee shop idea so Father can decide if he's going to give them an insane amount of money to start it with.

Nope, no coffee shop. The idea now is to start a school, and they already know of a house that they want to turn into a school.

We go look at the house. It will cost 2 million rands. It's a double storey house, with enough rooms and a double storey cottage outside. Stingley and Elmarie believe that they will live in the cottage, while the house is going to be the school.

Black lawyers hired less than white ones

When we arrive to meet the estate agent at the house, we don't know who's who yet. There is a white man and a black man standing there.

"Are you the owner?", Father asks the black man to find out who is whom here.

"Yes, can you believe that? Did you think I'm just the man working in the garden?", he replies, almost firey.

Great. Friendly guy. Somewhat. See what the Zionist media is doing to everybody? Planting racist hatred in their hearts, making people overly sensitive to race differences, even when it is totally unnecessary.

But fortunately later, as we have walked through the house, Father and the home-owner are talking like old friends. It would appear the owner is an advocate, like Father had been years ago, so they seem to be enjoying talking about who studied where and under whom and the joys of practising law and whatnot.

Father also learns that this man's practise isn't going too well, that's most likely why he's selling and buying a smaller place.

(On the night we come back from Cape Town, we listen to a talk show on Classic FM about lawyers and racial/gender equality. During that show the host carefully asked a black female lawyer,

"Do you believe that... certain races only hires lawyers of ... certain races?"

The black woman then just said it out loud, saying that indeed it is so, and she'd like to illustrate it with a story:

"When I was little and living with my grandmother, once our washing machine was broken and we hired a (black) man to fix it. However it didn't work and the washing machine was still broken.

The next day I phoned my grandmother to ask if the washing machine is fixed yet, and she replied 'No, but don't worry, it'll get fixed - the white man is here now'.

So to answer the question, yes, people still tend to trust a white male to represent them in court; they feel they have the biggest chance that way."

This makes me think back to our black lawyer who is selling his house. Does he have problems to get his own race of people to hire him because they would all rather hire a white male lawyer?)

Conclusion: No conclusion yet

Anyway, getting back to the house and whether or not to buy it to start a school there, it's quite a lot of money, and the idea of a school is a relatively new one, as, as I have stated, we thought we came here to look at Stingley and Elmarie's proposed location to start a coffee shop at the beach.

We decide we'll have a talk about it and think it through later today or tomorrow.

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Very funny and entertaining to read

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Thank you for reading Mark!

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Interesting post!

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