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The echo of every The thunder

reflects the agony of my

. Emotions that are

like a Tearing of fabric

Straight from my heart

waiting to Hear him

so much it hurts,

pain and

Lostness are all I feel.

being complete, that is the

way I fell apart.

If I could hear him

I would feel happy

I close my eyes to Some how

think he will be there

But he is not.

The ocean has become is his fury

and the calmness of that too.
There is no comfort
That anyone can give

and then again

You have lost your life

Your will to live

Memories of you

I will have places for
always in my heart

no one can touch that

or tear it apart.

The lines and sorrow

Etched on my face

I am missing you.....
My son Jesse

Thoughts about my life

Sitting her thinking on my past. The experiences of my life that made me strong but in my heart so weak. Look at me... Or inside my heart and mind...
It does not matter if you know me, or even if you have all my life. I have know sadness and have lived it all . In the times of my life came learning about myself . Do you really know me i asked my self. Who am i when will it be alright? that answer is in a place i strive for every day. I love with all my heart and do the best i can. I am far from perfect , but it still determines my mind when i face another day.
Through my life i learned many lessons. Those lessons have created the foundation on which i base my faith. For through out my life i have seen that has created me. I could be beaten till my eyes looked like a boxer, and a lip as big as a hand. No matter to be burned , no matter of the broken jaw...i have seen many changes and it all came down t this. Do not pitty, for to pity takes away my honor.
I am a survivor!! The threads worn bare on the soles of my shoes as my pride got in the way. Rescuing my self from me. My dignity , my morals and my pain.
It is not for me to be stricken and on my knees, i drwned in my sorrow and drank my self to sleep.
I am judged . I face my past and my rooms without a door.to let my self feel. My pain. I am strong and determined my self only do i need to prove. Daily. I am of worth. I am strength. I am me .


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The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
14th Apr 2013 (#)

very, very heartwrenching Sandee.
May God bless you with love and peace.

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author avatar Sandralee
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Thank you Stella

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