Old Tracks

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It is a fictional story which is about the old tracks.

Rich and Silly

They laid the train tracks back to front and this caused a great deal of confusion – you’d think you were on the train to New York and arrived in Kinshasa, or to Shanghai and found yourself lost in Istanbul.
We were much perplexed over this antonymous flow of train and track. Richie was in rage and was about to burst into anger over my stubbornness of watching these old tracks and obsolete trains. He was right too but what would be adventure if nothing happened to us? I always die for such dangerous and novel things which might catapult my inner self and make me afraid. I liked such amazements as would terrorise me. It was one of them. I was really excited and hoping for a great adventure.
I was well aware of the dangers ahead and always put off my appeal of going onto the old subways. I had been stressing him to send me permission letter for visiting such old subways which were going to be closed shortly. I wanted to see the weariness and the oldness of the railway track and above all the old architecture. I wanted to see how things seem when they become old. I wanted to take snaps of all the subways of this kind. The worn out platforms and the underground passes and small tunnels were my real destination. I wished to monitor effects and impact of times on all such non living things which were living in my heart. The first hand source of knowledge for my next venture was there and I wanted to replenish my stories with facts and real like things.
Richie was my husband and curator of all the old installations of the city. He had been postponing my pleading but at last was to bow before my wish. He was ordered to blow away all the old tracks because new subways had been built and were functional. He called me one day and broke the news that I was going with him to fulfil my wish of visiting old tracks and subways. I reached before the time and we were on the track soon after the break of the day.
My excitement knew no bounds as I was to watch the influence of almost a century on the tracks and subways. I took each and every thing like diary, camera, video recorder and eatables. We entered from the Thames. We were riding an empty railways engine which Richie used. The track soon took us out from the city and we were far from suburbs of the Flower city. I was watching and catching the glimpse of each and everything on the way. I was preserving it in each format. Much time had not passed when Richie stopped the engine.
What happened Rich? I called him so.
Silly there is a danger ahead. My name was Silvia but he always called Silly.
What kind of danger? I inquired.
I am feeling some criminal activity as the track is not going smoothly. I felt jolts too.
I thought it was due to oldness.
No Such severe kinds of shocks are not due to oldness of the engine or the track. There is something wrong.
I am conscious, carry on.
There is no way to return now we had to go forward only.
Does this engine go forward only?
Yes. Its reverse side engines are not in working condition.
I was feeling the sense of adventure. I asked him to carry on nothing will happen except adventure.
Shit of your adventure, Silly. He restarted the engine.
We covered almost three miles when cottage like structures started becoming visible. We continued and reached there. These were the nomads. They had built their huts over the track as they knew that there would not come any train now after the closure of the tracks. They were requested to give us a a passage way. It took enough time to remove their makeshift huts. We also made them aware that the track was to be blown soon so they must have shift their settlements.
Our engine went forward. It was afternoon now and we were feeling hungry. We took out the eatables and enjoyed while engine was going forward. We were busy in our eating and could not notice the gang which was about to attack us. Rich look out!
What is there? Silly
Some people are chasing us and have guns in their hands. They are riding horses and seems some robbers.
Robbers? And here?
You are trying to frighten me?
No, not at all
Look behind!
He looked and was really frightened
Oh my God, this gang is still here?
What do you mean Rich? I asked.
I mean this gang had been operational since long and had been looting and killing the people on board.
Would this happen to us too?
I am sure they are following us for the same purpose. They had found a prey after a long time.
Can you not speed up this engine? I requested.
No, it does not run fast. Rich replied.
Then this is our doomsday.
You are fond of adventures and like the thrilling things? Do you not?
I like adventure and thrill but not real robbers.
It was your request to watch the transitoriness of the material things with your naked eyes. Why are you at your wit’s ends?
I am not all ,but thinking about you. You would be really frightened.
Not at all. I had waited for this day to catch them red handed.
Just look and see. Richie slowed down the engine to apply brakes. The track was almost worn out and the roof of the subway was damaged. Our engine found the platform and was stopped by Rich. We looked back. The robbers were coming out one by one from the track. It was like coming out of fog because rain dripping from the rusty gutters made a curtain between the platform and the tracks.


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