On Marxism and Illiteracy

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A criticism on working class of scientists who work for pharmacy corporatism

On Illiteracy of Marxism

It can be said that the earliest form of communications is hand-written materials. It has been so inscribed for long time, up to at least seven thousands of years depending on the source of pictograph language. The fundamentals of illiteracy was thus repressed into the modern Asiatic speakeasy.

Is it speakeasy, or are Marxist doctrines fundamentally Neo-Pagan of mythology? The dialogue of ideologue whim in illiteracy rates may be of Marxist incentives in which the Europeans (and Americans, to some extent) perceive them as opposed and flawed for which civilization and society is based on. It can be said that these very Marxist line of opinion are themselves opinionated, because the written objects are open to decorations and criticism for which they hitherto were brought into the existence of Morse code.

Ultimately, Marxist ideas cannot be compared in one society to another; they are derived and repressed of the illiteracy for which the languages are made up in the genesis of society. To counter is to ascribe the inkling of behavioral sciences, and in this case the observance may have been the primacy of Darwinist battles of literature. Europeans have been for too long divided; Asians have been too onerous to contrary when one interprets the Marxist doctrine of conquer and divide. It is this reason why Capitalist nodes have survived for so long on the international illiteracy in its appease of over-binge.

Well, how about this? The Marxist cells might ask: is it better to serve the time in jail, or spend time in “mental” hospital that serve good food and drugs? The very idea of gypsies and illiterate peoples are too much of hassle to be sent to mental hospitals. In jail, there could be an endless library. In mental hospital, there’s embarrassing therapies and so forth…and not many books. It would not be so surprising that one could find that mental hospitals might have been composed of ardent Marxists who are otherwise not suitable nor reliable. That said, illiterate patients may be dependent on the welfare of city and state, rather than, say, country and state, because it is assumed that they were illiterate Marxists of background origin. This is one of reasons why the library is limited for selective observes and experiments. Other reason is mainly to limit the potency of “feeding pills” while you go on reading and rip each page. There are two types: those who tried to comprehend the International English and those who earned the rights from education in public and/or private schools.

Typical Americans are rather atypical and common for which their treatment are earned through delusional persuasion of acceptance into medicine experiments; as long as the objective agenda of medical corporations are recorded and eliminated into the incarceration of visit and pay. You get bothered by nurses, when you are twenty-five years old yourself, being nagged and ordered like a little child. In jail, you are treated like an adult. You get to be left alone all the time to yourself, like the finest sobriety honor of medal without any naughty pharmaceutical interferences that medical corporations use to profit for its beneficial profiteering enterprise in a sense that we are the prisoners of Marxist corporation on the pretext of psychosis that run their business and experimental industry.

Then, which one would a true Marxist rather be in, ideally, jail or hospital? It is a complex thought in itself of individual, or, rather, a product of either institutions that sell oneself to society that jeopardize such a complex process through the gateway of categorization of socialism and its prison cell systems. On jail side, that is a positivist method for political terrorists. On hospital sideways, that is just a process that negates and denies any individual of their human behaviors for the purpose of evaluation and testing trials that do not benefit to oneself. It is in this opinion that Truman once considered the override of Constitution in an event of ill-defined emergency in which up to 20,000 persons could be arrested and sent to “national security detention camps”.

One might say that hospital itself is an opportunist that inflict on patients, Marxists or not, or, rather, victims. In jail, it is a predictable effect of causation; on the other side, it is unproductive notion in which the loop can be coercive to the point of social panic at its corruption of dismal and chaotic in a short period of time. It is at least an effort of whim, where doctors don’t really know what they are talking about, even when they are unaware of that the most of time: proscribe, prescribe, and prescreen. Are doctors, then, fundamentally illiterate in their own community of science who kept on the rope of Marxist toggle in scientific community? Or are doctors too blind in the scientific literacy that is factoid and fictitious?

They are speaking different language that makes no sense whatsoever, in which hypothesis is a basis of necessity that does not define anything except by income earnings of proscribing, prescribing, and prescreening anyways. All they want is to feed you as long as they earn their revenues, and hopefully, to keep you staying as long as possible. Meanwhile, in jail, it is predictive prescribed to the ink of laws, and this is only a temporary detention of incarceration, rather than, say, being kept in hospital for the rest of your life like you been retired early. Marxists may ask: are they vulnerable to the environment of mental hospital? Most certainly.

Then again, the echoes of profiteers seem to linger around the radar psychosis of state budgets that simply would not go away, whether if elections are won or not… They have been standardized on the puppet’s strings, known as governor’s hierarchy that has been inherited for long time. Who are profiteers for prison systems the research papers by researchers that gradually build up the structure to present as we know it? And the same sociologists and psychologists that play within a framework of mental madness inflicted on patients for their benefits of insights about themselves that they ultimately derive their profits from.

Perhaps the profiteers needed a categorization of victims that maximize their reflection on the standpoint of their desperate attempts to avoid hospitalization and mental evaluations. The profiteers hated the idea of being victims, so they pursue academics of high standards. Normal researcher, after all, does not try hard, unless they truly try to explore inner emotions and problems to push the theorist boundary line of madness who want to punish, standardize, and harshest re-punish to prove their theories. The vertebrae structure of lagoon is then distilled from mass data, and restructured into the architecture of categorization that determine the thesis of “predictive outcomes” as a proof of productive classification. Is there a fault in both systems, jails and mental hospitals?

There might be one. The fault being a theory that has to be reaffirmed. This means that patients or arrested persons will come back, except only that the third latter is a permanent remove from both systems of harshest measurement. This is the minimal delimit which eliminates the individuals in their lowest and highest ranges of input and output in methodological studies. Therefore, it may be assumed that the profiteers have in fact been involved, and they wished to eliminate the phenomenological faces of themselves. This is the only way to truly test the systems to its maximum of external inputs and outputs. After all, you can’t just put a theory to work on if it does not stay in consistent and constant flat-line of violence that is not physical, but psychological one. The study of Marxist illiteracy is very egregious. It is so ugly a study that any director of hospital might have likened to the idea of hanging himself or herself to run away from the accusation of abuses and tortures in literacy of scientific community.

It can be said that such profiteers are sadistic, perhaps extremely sadists in what they do and derive to make their careers profitable and livable. The morbid contradictory of criticism is thus simplified to this idiotic, embarrassing embezzlement that has been deconstructed by any observation. The argument might be, though, is there a better, or more efficient, system? Probably not, if not complete detachment from the level of consciousness, i.e., abstinence, which is the only most effective method known to exist. Complete abstinence in medications could reduce the errors and trials, as well as pains inflicted that shouldn’t otherwise change the cause and direction of arrested persons or patients. That would maximize the data of proscribe, prescribe, and prescreen as well as prescription that may otherwise improve the quality: simple, complete abstinence.

The notion of “cogito, ergo sum” has thus brought the dilemma of illness that predates the living out of constructive ideas of Marxism. Descartes said, ‘I think, therefore I am’, which essentially simplified the complication of systems all the way down to theorists and their inner feelings and thoughts that really describe themselves more than the systematic procures require. It is this notion that only “abstinence” does not involve: it is a blank check that nullifies the complicated and problematic outcomes. In other words, normally, under the pretext of researchers’ and theorists’ concept of structure is undermined simply because it may produce more problems than solutions. Under abstinence context, which meant no substance can be used, as delicate as a virgin, free from abuses and so forth, ultimately may be corrupted under a profiteering structure. Under cogito ergo sum, where abstinence is practiced, is therefore the most benevolent moral that is not meant to be corrupted, because there is no boundary line of interferences of “cogito, ergo sum” under the arrogance of sadists such as ill-conceived theorists, structuralists, and the likes that run the pyramid scheme of profiteering and pharmaceutical corporatism as well as police-run.

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