On My Face

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This is a poem I wrote describing metaphorically my perspective on several subjects.

On My Face


Within my head, But not necessarily in bed

Shows vivid and complex themes of perplexity

I entertain some, But really only talk about one

For the bemused and buffudled are shifty in their treadjury

It is worldly cashes, Not designed to control the masses

So long as they decide to allign(in their hearts and their minds)

If they should not, Then it’s off with the entire lot

So you must heed the word from this mind(eye)

Plow shares and implements of warfare, Be turned to the skies

But not for calling death and destruction

It is the human destiny, To wipe out all misery

And if we do our prize is omnipotency

This may come quite a shock, That gods walk on this rock

And within you is their potential powers

Cassandra now calls to me, From the depths of the most transluscent sea

So onto the next subject we must travel

On my face, Fastened firmly in place

Just above my carbon based shoulders

It is somewhat strange, That from this perspective I’ve gained

Such a vast and incredible knowledge

With the Lights and the Arts blending seamless the parts

Mixing with the mud running down my face

Evolution’s funny way of dumbing down to grey

When the palette of the Universe is not applied

"So paint us a picture" I hear some say and sigh

As if speaking into tin cans

With it I’m quite one, That one imagination

And with it all worlds carry on

I call upon, The most respectable Sun

To guide 10 million my deffinate way

Strange indeed, with all of my unharvested propensity

I find myself flat on my face. Now come!

Zach Rayman

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