On Viewing the Film ''Hazar Bachhor Dho-re'' (For A Thousand Years)

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It is a poem. The poem is an expression of feelings evoked by the Bengali film ''Hazar Bachhor Dho-re'' (For A Thousand Years) based on a novel by Zahir Raihan, late Bangladeshi film director and writer. Similar scenarios repeat through human generations, as waves follow waves in the sea.

On Viewing the Film ''Hazar Bachhor Dho-re'' (For A Thousand Years)

Waves pursuing waves break on the shore of eternity,
The selfsame spectacle of human woes repeats through ages.
Man has fallen as if in a rut decreed by divinity,
Playing over and over again the same part-phrases
From a broken gramophone record,
And facing in life all the odd.

Realization of human miseries comes surging in me,
Raking up the pain kept hidden with Herculean effort.
And suddenly exposing the subterranean streams of agony
Coursing down in the heart.
My façade of felicity is knocked down to pieces;
My day darkens with all-engulfing dreariness.

Even Jibanananda Das* had no genuine will
To disinter the pain he buried deep.
The film robs me of a night tranquil,
And the ceaseless requiems of a million crickets keep
Increasingly pressing on my ears;
I hear in it the human agony of a thousand years.

Life’s a juxtaposition of numerous streams
Of agony running in the depth of the heart,
Albeit a soothing breeze, as it were in dreams,
Might at times raise some joyous ripples short.
The blithesome sunny sky soon gets overcast,
Mirth and colours are soon pervaded by sorrows that outlast.

Where did they issue from, those streams of pains?
Some very conspicuous and others not!
But from some turbulent lakes high on the mountains
On a tempestuous night with perils fraught.
When the beloved ones were lost from my clasp tight;
Although I had held them with all my might.
*Jibanananda Das was a renowned Bengali poet.


The Immutability Of Human Nature And Experience

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