On-line writing as a way to earn extra cash

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Writing isn´t easy. It takes time and patience and the least a writer expects when they share something to be read and commented is respect.

On-line writing as a way to earn extra cash

I´ve recently read some comments on some of my articles that I didn´t like them a bit and, therefore, I´ve deleted them. Don´t take me wrong. I don´t expect that everybody is going to like what I write nor I do like everything I read, but I don´t like seeing that some people go to my articles to argue with someone else, forgetting that the main reason when we view an article is to comment on what a writer has written -not to argue with others.
On some occasions, I do invite people to read and to comment whether on agreement or not with what I´ve written. If they don´t agree, but their comments are focused on the topic and they´re polite, giving me good points, I´ll definitely think of their comments that I´ll take as feedback.
I´ve been writing for this site as well as for others since 2011 and I´ve worked hard to earn my views that have granted me some extra cash. Since I started to write on-line, I´ve learned that the most viewed articles are these that offer good and useful information and this is what I´ve tried to do. Obviously, not all my articles are good enough, but it isn´t easy to write excellent ones every day.
If anyone wishes to have a look to my already long and varied portfolio, you´re welcome to it and to choose whatever you might be interested in reading. Then, of course, you´re welcome to have your say on it. I really appreciate this and this is exactly what I do with someone else´s articles, but, please, refrain from leaving comments that have nothing to do with what has been written.
Writing isn´t easy and the least a writer expects is respect for what he or she has written.

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author avatar Val Mills
29th Mar 2015 (#)

I think that sometimes people forget whose page they are exactly on. Why don't you just pop into the argument and say excuse me guys, this is my page, go argue elsewhere?

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