On sharing and comments

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Reading the different articles well should provide us with something to say on it and it'll will help the author with much needed feedback.

On sharing and comments

The best comment I've ever received on one of my articles was when a reader that I didn't know at all told me that he was sharing my article with a friend and that it could be of some help to him.
He didn't write ''Awesome'' or ''Brilliant'' and ''Thanks for sharing'', which on online writing means 'if I read yours, you've to read mine''. He just wrote ''I'm sharing your article with a friend that may like.''
Having said this, I'll say that I quite dislike these writers that write a set comment for everybody, expecting to be read and commented. I rather not have such comments that on my view don't show that the person has read a piece to prompt them a genuine comment that may be taken as feedback or a sense of having written a good article or one that can be useful.
No one is obliged to read and to comment for the sake of getting comments from others, but all of us will read these articles that appeal to us because of a topic that may have an interest. So, I do myself. I search to see what's new or I read on topics that I'm also interested in and I, perhaps, have little knowledge.
I've recently read an article on which the author tells us about certain common chemicals that separated are lethal, but put together are essential in our daily living. I was amazed on how clearly and briefly this author had written his topic. It really deserved a comment.
I've also read an article by today's Author of the Day on how to replace a hard drive to avoid having to buy a new desk top or spending a lot of money on repairs and not only I've read it, because I need to know about this, but I've also shared his useful info with other folks, because the topic will deserves being shared with others.
What I mean is that really annoys me to find comments that don't tell me whether it was worth to write on such a topic. If one has read an article, it should provide with a meaningful comment for the writer who spent some time trying to write an interesting one.

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author avatar Retired
26th Sep 2014 (#)

I read lots of articles here but I certainly don't comment on all of them - my motto is, if you've got nothing to say, don't bother saying it!

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author avatar vickylass
26th Sep 2014 (#)

I agree with you as I do the same.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Vickylass, I read your complete article and found it to be very interesting. I have authors that I read all the time and I truly enjoy their articles. I learn from each one of them. That is always a high point in my day. I write awesome in my comment and send them smiles because for one thing they are special to me. If I didn't care for the article I wouldn't comment at all. I try to make my comments meaningful to anyone that may read them. I wish you a great day.

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