On the Road

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There is lots of concern by people as the drivers are now by their deeds giving other road users a scare

On the Road

Oh! What joy it is to have my early morning walk
How my mind to the beauty of nature have a little talk
Those bird and insects in the sunlight add to the beauty
But the doings of the humans on the road made things ugly

Those many engines revving as the driver engage in overtaking
Not caring about the pedestrians on the road with their doing
Behaving as though there are competing in one of those Grand Prix
How this type of behavior can be really scary to those who see

Then there are some who are driving at a particular mileage
Think that the time is right to take that sip from a cup with beverage
That seemingly slight distraction could be the right ingredient
Which could be all that is required to cause an accident?

We accept that we are living in this age of more communication
And one can see a driver on the road engaging in a cell phone conversation
Many going at speeds that require such focus and attention
And most definitely require the person to exhibit good coordination

Others can be seen with their eyes moving up and down
Texting of course so hence one hand is sort of bound
So that combination of eyes and hand so require on the wheel
This to an observer certainly does not cultivate and encouraging feel

This is what I saw it brought a smile by some concern on observation
A woman driving decided to put her rare view mirror in the best position
That would give her the best view for her make-up application
In doing so she has limited to a large extent that degree of attention

No doubt in the spirit of competition more technology will come on stream
Some of the parameters and domain will make those eyes beam
But use them wisely and choose that right moment apply their application
However this moment is not behind the wheel of a vehicle in motion


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
13th Apr 2013 (#)

Yes the things people do

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author avatar Songbird B
24th Apr 2013 (#)

How true this is Poetic! Drivers will do the daftest things that can so easily cause accidents when they are distracted from keeping their eyes on the road ahead..As you said so well..Scary! \0/x

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