On the noon of future

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There is a future to every present, no one can run fast enough to hide from the future of the present that befall him, a bad present will reap a bad future, and a good present will reap a good future

On the noon of future

On the noon of future

There is a lot to talk about in life
There is to many issues needed to solved
How blind are we to the vanity of life acquisition
Foolishness abound in the heart of the young
Older men and women sit on old small stool and see as far as an eagle
Young men and women relax on tall iroko tree
Yet blind to the real vision of life
Where have we gone wrong
Will it be alright to sleep
Whilst right goes wrong
And wrong goes right
Yet on the noon of future we shall be call out to the light we were darken from

There is too many festival celebrated under the sun
There are to many ignoramus moving to and fro in the street of life
Unaware of what is needed from them
Smell of frustration stink in the air
On the noon of future nothing will seem too important as the joy of the season

To many invitation to honor and attend
To many position to occupy
Too many activities to be done
Remember there is a life worth more than all these put together
On the noon of future

When Frowning world stir at you
Smile at it even in the dust of life
When worry feel your inner space and bring panic to your heart
Nothing seem to be helpful in the cross road
Hold on its not over in that page of life
There is a future
Where peace will flow like river

Poor feel oppress by the rich
Wealthiest dominate the land
The meek cry for help
Hope for survival escape into dry tears
Its the survival of the fittest
Old and new blueprints may merge to pass the board
Young and old sing disjointed songs
As no share in the national cake
On the noon of future secret will be unfolded and surprises will judge the game

Life is the only game without and extra live
When each of us earn his death
His own death which belong to no one else
There will be no hiding place on the noon of future

Slave and orphan
Rich and poor
Young and old
Will match walking side by side each other as equals
With silence meditation
Merging into the six portion of the earth
Everyone for himself
I know surely as i know God exist
That one day this game will end for everyone to go home
Where eternity fumes smell
And destinations await the con void of eternal member
On the noon of the
Our works will be spin of his rubbish
And frame our future with the finish product
Manufactured for time without end.


Acoountability, Future Life, Judgment

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