Once Upon a Time....

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once again i take you through time and beyond writing many different aspects of life...some will fly with me ...others sink in the murk of their own natures..dark and empty....


she never wanted much as she stood in line waiting patiently
time for closing was nie and still a few gathered to buy
shelves were bare
wartime had done that
lorries could not run bearing food
no petrol tanks were seen
rumbling through the village streets at night
only bombers overhead
letting loose their loads of incidendiary

she stood there wondering what to make for dinner
the larder was bare except for a few stringy beans
a tin of condensed milk and the remains of roasted chicken
two days old mostly bones now
behind her an old man whined
he could not find tobacco for his pipe
she took out her pack of cigarettes and lit up
filling her lungs with the sweet aroma of burnt herbs
she had made these fags herself rolling them from dried herbs
gathered in the woods of Sherwood which ran down the breadth of England
there she and her sisters would go and search for rosemary sage and thyme and dry them over the stove chop them up and roll in thin white paper ...ahhh so delicious to inhale when lit

it was her turn at the cashier now
from her pocket she drew a purse and found a silver shilling and one penny
enough to pay for the meagre rations she needed
a pack of dried beans a small bag of flour and a treasure she had found hiding behind an old newspaper..a tin of Scottish marmalade
she would drive her old austin to the farm later and pick up some eggs and a bottle of milk and whatever else the farmer could give her
after all she was his favourite and would allow him to take liberties in order to get a bit extra to take home to her mum
whose face would light up when she came in with a scrawny chicken or rabbit to prepare for dinner
it would be a feast with a few potatoes and carrots boiled till flaking off the bone
well worth the farmer's inquisitive fingers roaming over her body

as she left the shop she heard the air raid sirens going off and she rushed to her car but before she could drive away the bomb landed on top and she and her shopping went up in a sheet of flame

Almost over...

cold am i
a stone washed up upon the shore
never to know a warm embrace
never to lie in someone's arms
death beckons on far horizon
waiting now to welcome me

Christ Jesus as before comes to me
stands there smiling
His eyes filled with love
welcoming me into his Priesthood
telling me to be true to Teachings of the Loving Heart

i followed
listened to the words inside
wrote them down for all to see
did the work i was to do

two times He brought me from the dead
revived my spirit
infused my soul
i agreed to stay for a little while longer
and so it is....


She across the sky did fly
touching every lover's sigh
Her smile awoke loving within
dreams became reality

ancient in grace
beloved of the heavenly world
where great gods did dwell

ringed around on thrones
alabaster pure
they sat
watching the world of man

words..a magic mirror be

inside book pages open wide
words fly high
reaching worlds without end
on a journey you will go
i will take you there
my gift to you

once a gift given to me
words and knowings so sublime
to be used only for good
precious they would become
like pearls upon a string
shining bright

meander through i do
subjects of various kind
not one is left behind
for each of value doth hold
a special place

each person in a different place
lifetimes and learning taught them well
yet parts still cloudy remain
to be uncovered
seen and known

words open doors
clear miasma
what does not work
so once again you can experience
knowing of your soul....

and so it is...


enjoy writing for wikinut.com here

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I have been writing on food, wine, travel, cosmic creation and erotica for over 30 years I do horoscopes and numerology and light readings.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th Jan 2016 (#)

Carolina, excellent work as always! I think this just might be my favorite piece. You have outdone yourself this time. I love it! Your image "eurynome" is by far my favorite! Blessings and smiles to you today and always!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Jan 2016 (#)

thank you dear Nancy...i like it too...

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author avatar brendamarie
28th Jan 2016 (#)

Carolina, I love this. The picture, words it's just amazing.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Jan 2016 (#)

thank you so much...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
31st Jan 2016 (#)

Carol...that frkin a lady wrote such hateful lines on this page..many of them...i deleted of course...but she will not stop..

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author avatar Retired
31st Jan 2016 (#)

Beautiful poems Carolina.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
31st Jan 2016 (#)

man y thanks my new friend here...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Feb 2016 (#)

You're back Carito, cheers. Thats nice will soon return with my wine blogs and a post about my book! XOX

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Feb 2016 (#)

i dont know to be quite honest...that fkin A lady still writing awful stuff on my pages... i really dont need it....
welcome back dearest Fern...
i found a French wine...Pontificas and it is quite smooth and delicious...Grenache, Syrah, MOuvedre...

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author avatar spirited
5th Feb 2016 (#)

The shifting patterns of life are exquisitely covered here Carolina, from the wartime picture of it, through death, even to the other side.

Some more miasma is cleared away, thanks for this!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Feb 2016 (#)

am glad you find it so dear spirited....i write from my loving heart always....

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Feb 2016 (#)

many thanks dear spirited...i always write from my heart...love to you...

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