One Day Ago

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A conflict of love among three friends with a married guy, and a guy and lady in a relationship. They made a bizarre love triangle. Witness how in a single day, everything had changed.

One Day Ago

Nigel, a married guy first knew Alice at work from a common friend who courted her. At the beginning he was a full support for his friend, but not long then that he realized he fell in love with her. He couldn't manage a day without meeting her. A glance at her always kept him alive and inspired.

Alice, on the other side, slowly got closer to him without giving any malice or possibilities of a love interest. They started dining together and made silly jokes with each other. They became more comfortable and started missing each other. He waited for her to log out from work and made series of calls as if he was still promoting his friend. But at the back of his mind was a sorry feeling for him. He didn't want to be a traitor, but he couldn't deny his strong feeling for her.

The day came when he sent her a message saying, "I LOVE YOU...JOKE!" While reading the message, she found herself smiling and blushing though in her mind it was only a joke coming from him. With further messages exchanged, he finally admitted the truth behind his feeling. She realized that as she met him was a spark that glittered through her eyes.

On that day, the intensity of their love, as they perceived it, grew even better. He asked for a date, but she was scared. Alice also had a boyfriend while Nigel had a family. The love affair they were into was so complicated. He was also on a vague dimension whether to pursue or not because he felt even a bit of pity for his friend. His friend didn't know what was going on. He sent Nigel a message saying that Nigel was the only guy he could trust when it was about Alice. It hurt him a little that triggered his consciousness. Their love affair was difficult.

The fate didn't seem to be on their side. His change of shift to graveyard made them far from each other. The hectic of their jobs changed their whole life through. Their love story only happened one day ago.


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31st Jul 2010 (#)

Relevance of the article to the title is intangible. Else good episode.

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