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Writing the Courtor of the One Time Courtship without making him sound like a bad guy.

Writing your character

Making your gay character pop is difficult enough. What happens when your character is a One Time Courter? Does he do it on purpose? Is doing it because he’s curious? Or is he confused? Know the backstory before writing his actions. The Courtor is not a homophobe, far from that. He is straight. He just likes the Courteee because he’s friendly and nice. He makes a good friend and is very understanding.

Not Sure

The Courtor lives in a world that is heterosexual. There are no role models in the gay community for him to know that there’s life beyond his boundaries. He wants to be treated with respect and kindness. What does he do when he meets a gay man that respects him? Someone who is different from the rest of the guys. One who brings color to his world of gray.

Friends or Date

Having a friend who is gay is quite confusing for the Courtor. Never have been exposed to that homosexual world. He likes the guy, and doesn’t care if he’s gay. There’s a bond of friendship developing and not sure how he feels about it.
The two hang out all the time, do things for each other, and get to a point where they’re comfortable. At this juncture the Courtor starts doing things that most friends don’t normally do, such as bringing him special gifts, taking him to his favorite restaurants, opening doors, and holding Courteee’s lower back. This is a One Time Courtship.

The closeness

Because he only knows how to treat a girl as a friend or on a date. He automatically behaves in that matter subconsciously. What he does know is that he feels something and he's almost ready to find out, because he's taught to treat women in one way and men another so he tends to navigate the gay guy as a girl. Probably because the Courteee is feminine and does not know how to treat him.
The Courtor is patient, confused, and curious. His intent is not to hurt his friend. He is still trying to figure things out for himself. He’s not sure if he’s straight, bi, curious, or questioning. There's something about a gay man that he's attracted to. But he doesn't know what. He doesn't know for sure what he feels.

Why the Cross over

Once the Courtor feels more comfortable with the Courteee things get really interesting. They might sleep together. Once that happens the guy knows for sure he’s not gay or is still not ready to be open about it. He doesn’t continue with the relationship, he ends it. He’s confused, scared, and probably teased by his friends now.
Don't write your Courtor character as if he's doing it on purpose and with every gay guy he sees. Give him depth, by showing his own insecurities, self-awareness and misunderstandings.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Good luck on your dating. Although I am single but married in the past, I would never get into the dating industry which is more like unpaid prostitution to me. I dated and married the person, what happened was enough to tell me get out of there and never look back again.
Now that you mention it, are you straight or gay or are you humanly bisexual with animal instincts worth featuring for.

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author avatar Andres Fragoso Jr
11th Nov 2015 (#)

Oh. Me Lady. How I missed the empty questions, the soulless comments, the self-hatred words of a lost child in a bitter, old, unearthed dead body.
Many a times you have shared with us over and over the reason why you were left by a human, and yet you can't seem to see the reality of life. The love that people have given you was for a reason. You are a human being (I'm assuming) and each time you reject the truth of God, you seek acknowledgement from negative actions. Your reflections on others has stopped being annoying, it has stopped being harassment, it has now turned into entertainment.
Thank you Me Lady, for an entertaining comment. We all look forward to your next entertaining comment.
May God be with you and accept him into your heart.

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