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How do you write a One Time Courtship without making the courter a bad person and the courted an idiot?

Writing a One Time Courtship

How do you write a One Time Courtship without making the courter a bad person and the courted an idiot?

The Courtor and the Courtee

All throughout history homosexuality has been a prevalence in our society. Actually, any society. But, when homosexuality becomes taboo, you have straight men who court gay men for sexual favors and still be considered straight by his peers.
Writing your One Time Courtship relationships with care and with respect to both victims. Both the courtor and the courtee are victims of societies current homophobic intolerances. As time has gone by societies have at some point venerated homosexuals. Today, we don’t. Not that we need to, but we do need to stop bullying them to extinction.
When you write this type of relationship, make sure that you don’t over think the conversation and make it sound like the guys who are courting are mean, or that the courted ones are vulnerable and naive. It's actually a little of both. They both know what they're doing and they both are responsible for their actions.

The Courting One Timer

Some men have gay tendencies and are not sure what to do about it. There are men that gay flirt, but do not have sex with men. Then you have those men that lead a very straight life style and will want to have sex with men on the down low.
Then you have those who will court a gay man for a while, have sex with him, and dump him the next morning. They either do it out of curiosity, they have a fetish, or something that they themselves do not understand. The point is that they are victims of a homophobic society.

The Courted One Timer

Men who are gay and effeminate are the ones that are courted the most. Probably because they bring out feelings of the straight acting men that are curious about being with a gay man. Most effeminate men tend to be, like the word says, feminine. As feminine men they look, and sometimes act like women. This can be very sexy to some men. Some women as well.
Because some gay men are sensitive and fall in love quickly, they tend to confuse something as simple as a wink and make it into a flirt. When the courter is courting, they are giving a lot of attention to these men and tend to create a strong bond between them.

Bond of Friendship

This bond of friendship is mistaken for more than what it is and they lose sight of the fact that they are in a relationship with a straight man. As this happens the dynamics change, both parties are giving each other the wrong attention and then things happen. Whether they are straight, gay, fem, alpha males, etc. It doesn’t really matter, the attention they are given and are giving is the wrong attention.

Writing Your Characters

When writing these characters make sure your emphasis that the attention is not intended as dating or courting, but it is construed that way by one or the other, or from both. Thus creating a tense, almost physical relationship, where the straight man feels betrayed at being led to sleep with a gay man.


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