Only When the Cuckoo Sings

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Winters gone and the days get warmer. Buds grow on the trees and the blackthorn blossom has blown away. The mead's are dry the meadows in flower but it is not yet spring a Cuckoo sits on the bough of a tree. It is not spring until he sings. Nature holds it's breath while it waits.

Only When the Cuckoo Sings

The bursting blossom of a pear tree twist and swirl with a lavishing beauty,
Promising plenty of fruit along each smooth branch and bough delivering all,
Rosebushes red buds burst into leaves with fresh dew dripping on grass,
A shy foxglove shakes in soft breeze hides her sweet face behind new leaves.

The taccamahac a name to deal with, blazes yellow across the heaths and downs
They grin as you walk down old lanes forgotten fields and old secret places,
The chestnut's pale sticky leaves glisten in deep woods with every sun beam,
And the mighty oak tree whispers to the sun, "Let us have one day's warmth."

The hedges are impatient blackthorn blossom gone now showing hints of green,
It's not winter nor summer it's natures no-mans-land mint essence in the air,
The cuckoo sits on a bare branch besides young buds once he sings it's spring
Then greenness will steal across country, streams boil, and mead's will dry.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
17th Dec 2012 (#)

Just listen to its voice,
Don't let it in.
It will steal your nest,
And kids.
It will throw your eggs,
Right to the ground,
As you tend to unknown seeds.
Voice of an Angel,
But character nil
They are as lazy as they are.
But when they sing,
The world awaits,
They are by far the star.
What about those kids,
They killed their own.
To give you those that weren't yours.
Only because it found way to your house,
And found the greatest cause.

Would you take,
The voice of that love.
Who uses another to give you trees.
To show you love,
But destroy your seed.
Creating greatest of mysteries.
Its the greatest of gift,
You are under a spell.
They like Venus to the Sun.
They destroy peace,
They break that life.
Showing deceit,
In both daughter and son.

They took the egg,
They threw them down.
To give their progeny life.
To get the wealth,
At the cost of health.
Destroying covenant,
Of Man and Wife.

With voice that rings,
It sings a song.
Its melodious,
To its sound.
It shows itself.
Gets the love,
Destroying everything,
Of Break of Dawn.

Would you rather,
You tell your wife.
The Kids aren't yours??
All because,
The Cuckoo sang,
Dropped your eggs,
Discovered your flaws.

I accepted,
I saw it all.
Now I am a mother of one,
But of three.
They dropped their eggs,
Created lives,
In homes that were meant for me.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 18th December 2012

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author avatar Terry Trainor
18th Dec 2012 (#)

Beautiful Lady Aiyanna

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