Only with the breath, can make intimate

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regulating breath when engaging in sex is very important for married couples

Only with the breath, can make intimate

Without realizing it, every time people breathe almost without thinking. But it turns out, the breath can be arranged. Even when in bed though, regular breaths can make sex more passionate.
When in bed, there is the so-called Tantric sex is how to learn breathing techniques while having sex. Sensational sex which can also be constructed of how to set up the breath apparently. Of course, this can make your sex is no longer monotonous and more enjoyable intercourse.
Well, now begin to adjust your breath and make the bed more 'hot' by doing some of the following tricks

1. Feel your breath
"Lie down on your back, place your hands on the abdomen. Try taking a deep breath through the nose. Feel your hand rise when there is air in the stomach, and hands down when you exhale. When you are completely relaxed, begin to imagine, and you take a breath of air the entry into the genitals, "said Bartlik.
It is said Bartlik, it can generate libido and energy. In addition, benapas as this will increase blood flow to the genitals as well as intensifying arousal and pleasure

2. Customize your breath with a partner, create a continuous breath
"By regulating breathing, you can manage your sexual energy," said Adachi.
Start by sitting on your lap and the pair stared at each other's eyes. As he breathes, you inhale, and vice versa. Continue doing this for 10 breaths or more, until it starts to feel natural. Furthermore, when you inhale, imagine the energy of your partner enter into you.
Then, pull the energy to go to the 'zone' you and when you exhale, imagine the breath out of the 'zone' is sensitive to your partner. Nor vice versa.


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