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Is perfection in language mandatory for expressing your opinion on any social media site?

I have a few opinions

I want to share them. If I am wrong about them, I want to be corrected as well. I want to hear your point of view. I feel when you come here, you do the same.

Today, we are from different parts of the world

Gathering on social media. America was once a fairy tale destination for Indians. We never knew poverty existed in America. Social media has helped us to realize that. Our views have become broader. We never thought of the number of bees dwindling till some American studies pointed it out. The result - the day before my aunt attended a ceremony and she did not buy a bouquet. Small contribution thanks to what I read on Internet and social media.

Interacting will help in finding solutions to problems we face

What you all already know and are using without giving it a second thought may not be known in our parts of the world. If we continue in a way that is harmful to the environment, everybody will be affected. The things that are in our hands need to be attended to. What our governments are not doing, perhaps, we can influence.

I agree solutions will differ from region to region

Cultural practices also matter as do laws, and religions. Therefore, what is working for you may not work for us. Similarly, what works for us, will not work in other parts of the world. But we can try to develop a better society so that the next generations are better off.

Somewhere in between is the language barrier

Communication needs to be clear. But does that mean perfection in language is essential? If you understand what I write here, and I understand what you write, is it not enough? Is social media platform supposed to generate content for literary world, or is it supposed to provide a way to consult each other? But we all are not native English speakers. We may not have studied the language. Yet, we do have opinions to be shared. Will isolation based on language inadequacies contribute to better future in which we may not be around? Even in literature classes there is somebody who ranks higher than the others?

If it is difficult to understand what is written, perhaps rejecting it is the only way..

But if the opinion is not aligned to my thinking then rejecting it is not the way to go about it. Instead, coming up with reasons why the opinion is flawed may be better. Of course, everybody is at liberty to accept or reject such reasoning. Language's role on social media sites is to promote communication rather than create literary masterpieces. It is obvious that non-native English speakers may not excel in the language.That is my opinion


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author avatar Kingwell
3rd Jun 2015 (#)

Love you post and I agree. Blessings.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Jun 2015 (#)

As long as we are able to convey what we want clearly then more than half the battle is won. However, one should try to improve language along the way to suit the minimum standards expected - siva

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author avatar vandana7
5th Jun 2015 (#)

I agree. :)

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