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Opposition may arise but still we must stand
life is full of opposition
intentionally and unintentionally
we must survive its rage and terror in our life....



O thou our Majesty in Heaven above
In whom we libe and move
Who made our life
And watch it grow
In love and hate
In joy and sadness
In opposition and togetherness
Though quiet
Still he has grace for our survival

Opposition may rise and fall
Yet you must stand
Opposition may come and go
Yet you must remain steadfast
Like the night
We must lie strong
And reflect our faith as the mid day sun
For there is grace beyond your light to survive

Opposition may humble your wishes
And live hardship at your levee
Opposition may take your gain
And give you pain
Opposition may turn the light in the day into darkness
And compliment you with stumbles
Yes the soul is broken
But not beyond repairs
For beyond our powers
Is the grace to survive

Opposition may lie side by side with you
To steal you away from your dreams
Opposition may force your imaginations into battle
Your thoughts into war
And arrest you with fear
With the little ounce of courage left
Poke your faith on every side
Get along and declare
Encouragement and remind yourself
Even in the hallowed ground
There is grace to survive

This is true
Opposition may override you from democracy
Far beyond your defence
With your knees
Visit the altar
Even if it sink you down
And behold the sovereign one
In majestic
Prove your surrender
To unlock your freedom from his store of love and grace

In opposition you cry
In opposition you are hurt
In opposition you are neglected and rejected
In opposition you are stressed out
In opposition your head ache
In opposition it seem the whole world is against you
And you wish you could just vanish out of sight

When your heart faint for rescue
And your head swimming in so much tumbles
As you close your eyes to bed

Still there is grace to survive
And accomplish your life
The life from Heaven above


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author avatar brendamarie
16th Sep 2015 (#)


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author avatar Solomon Sunday
18th Sep 2015 (#)

thanks brenda

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Awesome and inspired indeed!

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
20th Sep 2015 (#)

thanks fern

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