Osama Bin Laden – Should he have been captured??

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My response to Omar Bin Laden's recent media coverage regarding his father's death...

The Right Decision?

Osama Bin Laden’s son has publicly questioned why his father was shot dead and not taken into custody. He described the recent events as 'criminal' and said he reserves the right to take legal action against America.

Firstly – FUCK YOU. Secondly – HA! This man is delusional – I assume it is hereditary, but still.

Omar Bin Laden said he wants to “determine the true fate of our vanished Father”. Now, I’m no expert – but I imagine he’s probably in the darkest depths of hell playing Giant Connect 4 with Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer frantically trying to collect all of the blue and yellow pieces while Osama angrily tries to knock over the board using someone else’s lucid naivety…

International law gives a nation the right to target an enemy commander and this mission was ‘Capture or Kill’. That mission statement was pretty clear as to what the results were likely to be, wasn’t it? I mean, they gave themselves 2 possible outcomes and one of them was correct.
So how can Omar Bin Laden suggest that his Father was unlawfully killed? A vehement advocate of terrorism - a man with such a burning hatred of the west that it culminated in countless loss of innocent lives through acts of sheer callousness!! How can he possibly be unlawfully killed?? Again I relate to my earlier, I think rather important, point – FUCK YOU and HA!

Omar has said that Osama Bin Laden should have been given a chance to surrender. I’m sorry, but what the fuck do you call the last 10 years we spent searching for him?? It’s not a game – we wanted retribution. You can't hide for 10 years and then honestly expect to be offered an easy surrender when you are located.

Omar Bin Laden’s intellectually inept impugning of his Fathers death is just another chapter in the story of the world’s most cowardly man. A story that should have concluded a long time ago. A story that does not cease with the cessation of the man - and now, instead of fighting his reclusive existence, we are left trying to fight his seemingly ubiquitous memory and the legitimacy of his execution.
This needs to end and Osama Bin Laden needs to be forgotten, or at least consigned to the backbenches of history and away from the forefront of the world's thoughts...

My last point, Omar - if we DID capture him alive it wouldn't have been to protect his human rights, it would have been so we could water-board the fuck out of him and gain as much valuable information as we could before subjecting him to a grizly, humiliating death.

I think a bullet to the face was the easy way out and he knew it...


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th May 2011 (#)

to be fair we didnt really spend the last 10 years looking for him - we went off and attacked Afghanastan and killed Saddam...
As the Bush family have long been friends and business partners with the bin Laden family it Osama was not really as much of a target as people may think.
In the end killing him has only made the USA more hated by other nations, its a pity more people do not know the truth, and are not willing to step out from behind the flag to see more of the real picture.

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author avatar WordsFromTheWise
13th May 2011 (#)

Mark, thanks for your comment. I was unaware of just how deep their relationship actually was, so thanks for provoking me into researching this. More fuel for thought :)

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