Our Beautiful Life, Lived Ugly

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Life is beautiful do you not agree? It is the single most fascinating thing there is, simply because it exists, when it as easily could not. We are here. Now ask yourself, as magnificent as the occurrence of life is, is the way we live it equal to it? Does the meaning of life we have given ourselves match the brilliance of its incredible rarity? No.
We have been given the ability of thought, and the gift to create that matches the power of God himself, and look what we have done with it.


Life is beautiful do you not agree? It is the single most fascinating thing there is, simply because it exists, when it as easily could not. We are here. Now ask yourself, as magnificent as the occurrence of life is, is the way we live it equal to it? Does the meaning of life we have given ourselves match the brilliance of its incredible rarity? No.
We have been given the ability of thought, and the gift to create that matches the power of God himself, and look what we have done with it.

'Why do we exist?', is not a viable question. I do not think anyone will ever be able to truthfully answer that. It's been the bafflement of humanity ever since we obtained the ability of thought, and it seems the more you engage yourself in it the more confusion you drown yourself in. An individual simply cannot comprehend the powerful scale of life itself with its utterly mysterious guise. But that does not mean that one should not try to answer this most important question of all, for only when you open up to witness the vastness of existence in the scale of the universe and microscopic worlds, you begin to understand and appreciate your own existence within it.

After you realise your place in this fantasy of a world, and you look at what humanity is making out of it, it all seems a little too ridiculous. We are the only unnatural life force in this all natural world. The world is made up of perfectly functioning systems, from the alignment of planets to the roles of each individual cell in the living body. They all work in harmony and collaborate with one another to create an environment where life can flourish. If they followed the unnatural system that we have created for ourselves, then life would cease to exist. It's as simple as that.

Why did we chose to not abide with this natural law of being? Why have we created a system of competition? Why are we so foolish in our ambitions while being the only capable species with the power of intelligence and creativity to thrive in an infinite number of ways? Yet we chose to live this way.

We compare ourselves to the wild animal kingdom, that is the excuse we give to explain the structure in which we live our lives. 'The Survival of the Fittest,' where the animals that are more powerful hunt, prey and take control over the animals that are of lesser power. But these wild animals live as such because they do not have a choice, they do not have the intelligence, how dare we dumb ourselves down to their level. In their world the pyramid scheme exists, but for us, we have a choice not to follow this, we evolved into intelligent beings for a reason, so we can step out of this destructive scheme. Yet, look at what we have become, the most intelligent animals of destruction. We have misunderstood the purpose of our evolutionary existence. It is not to destroy the world, but to save it, for how rare and how beautiful it is. We were given that power.

We have created a competitive world, competing for the highest grades in school, competing for jobs, for land, money and power. It is a system based on these delusional ideas upon which we directly link our happiness and sense of security to. It is a system that breeds greed, corruption and inequality. It is a system that fails to see the intricacy of life itself, it fails to see that every individual in this world belongs here, has the right to live, and that poverty and tragedy of human life is unnecessary. Yet we prioritize political and economic growth rather than social and intellectual growth, our ambitions have become immoral and misguided, we pay more dividend to war, the source of all the worlds sufferings, than towards ending the very suffering itself, we base our education to prepare us to live professionally in this world that is quite frankly insane, a world in which we fail to be humane, we fail to prioritize humanity, morality and ethics because doing so would be in direct conflict with the ambitions of our world leaders.

Do you see how much we have limited ourselves? We are a great species with great powers and capabilities to achieve anything within and beyond our imagination. We can achieve anything we want but we limit ourselves to this small boxed world with boxed thinking and doing. It is the most extraordinary prison. We live in a prison society where we can never reach our true potential, not as individuals, not as human beings. We see ourselves as individuals and that is the first mistake, we will never live life to its full meaning alone, we need to be together, a network of minds and bodies, a single organism. That is what life intended for us to be, you can see it all around you, the unity of everything. That is what we should be comparing ourselves to because it is what works, not the animal kingdom, it is there not for us to follow, but for us to see right in front of our eyes where we have come from, and what we are also capable of being, mindless animals hunting and being hunted, living in packs fighting and killing for each other's property and pride.

'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil', but how can we ignore an evil world? It should always be, 'see the truth, hear the truth, speak the truth', because we can, monkeys cannot speak, we have evolved past that. We choose to live in ignorance calling it a bliss. But that very ignorant trait goes against our human nature that is evident from birth. When we are children we are curious by nature, touching and questioning everything around us. We have been taught that this is not the way to be, we limit ourselves as we grow up, we let ourselves become this ignorant population, we settle into this trap of routine, we learn to be a part of the system, a continuous cycle, allowing the false system to flourish while humanity loses its sense of curiosity it was gifted with. If only we were given the freedom to think like this always, differently, freely. We would continue our progression through time, instead we live a life of constraints, routine and responsibility. We compete with ourselves, consequently stalling the expansion of humanity in this infinitely expanding universe. The worst thing is that the entire fate of humanity revolves around an imaginary form of control, power and security. Money!

Do you really think this is what we are supposed to be doing? Why we exist? To chase after these false ideas of living that man decided to create but is so far from reality and the natural laws of existence.

I am not the first to suggest this or even think this, there have been far more intelligent and qualified people before me to make these claims. However they lived in a time where it did not seem so hopeful. With the impeccable advancements in technology and the inevitable collapse of the monetary system we are ready to move on. We have the knowledge and the resources to change the world in an instant, we can eradicate inequality and the constraints in our lives. We have never been so hopeful, yet we have never been so hopeless either. With the growth of love for the artificial and commercial products and false ideologies and envy for the rich and celebrity lifestyles, we are in a vulnerable state of prioritising wants over needs. The world is growing more and more ignorant and the vast majority are being manipulated and guided by the powerful few towards this obscurity and ignorance. The few in power enjoy a life of luxury selfishly while destroying the world quickly around them. We are at a fragile point of equilibrium, and where we decide to go from here will define the destiny of humanity. Now is the time or not at all.

"We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world - or to make it the last.” - John F. Kennedy

This is where the youth come in. In a way the older generation is losing hope of change, they have lived more than half their lives a certain way for them to consider an idea of change. Everything has become natural to them, it has become habitual, they know no other way, they fear it, they argue it, they jealously despise it. This is the world they have created for us, the world they want us to continue, and when you think of it, it seems impossible to change. It is incredibly hard to stray away from familial, cultural or societal beliefs let alone the whole worlds. But it is necessary. Buddha would not have been Buddha, enlightening the world, if he had stayed home and lived the life his parents wanted for him. Truly, nothing is impossible. We are not mindless animals, we have imagination, the world will shape into whatever we make of it.

The youth have not been corrupted by the world yet, we have the opportunity to truly be a new generation, which is only possible if we bring new things, not only new ideas and knowledge that diffuse into the current system but to bring about an entirely new one. It is a matter of choice and if everyone chooses to, then change will be brought about tomorrow. But like the past has proven, if the hopeful and ambitious youth are left alone in this ambition for change, then they really will be alone, losing hope, fighting the world on their own, doomed for failure, before they give in and join the herd.

I urge you now to deeply question life, and rather see the hopeful future, feed your curiosity, aid your imagination, for what is there to lose? If we succeed we make a better world. If we fail what can be worse than this? If it really is worse, at least it is new, at least it is an adventure, at least we tried.

There are a lot of 'ifs', but in these 'ifs' lies the new world, in these 'ifs' lies the truth, in these 'ifs' lies our imagination and reality as it is supposed to be. I assure you, now, if you do not make the idea of change just another intriguing topic of conversation, but from now make every decision you make an act of change then you will succeed, truly we will succeed.

Everything we have done so far was necessary to prepare us for what is yet to come. Maybe without this system we've enslaved ourselves in for so long, we wouldn't have had what we have now. We've been through terrible times as a species, through countless wars and tragedy, and yet through it all we've still managed to have time to discover, explore and create. But this is the time to move on from a system at the brink of collapse. Look at how much change has come in the past few decades, imagine how quickly we will continue to evolve if we live in a truly free environment, with no reason for war, no restriction, no wasted time. The more we stick to this system the more insane we become, trying to squeeze more and more out of a drying sponge, getting frustrated at it, tearing it into pieces and then eating it.

This is a mad world. The pace we're in right now we are heading towards a very dark end. Now we need to grow out of it, grow up, wake up. There is so much yet to explore. There is true work to be done. Let us start while we are young. Let us not only hope for this new world either in the future for the generation that follows us or hope for it in the heavens we may or may not find after death, let us create it now so we can all live in it, happily, naturally as equals.

We do not need war for this revolution, rather all it takes is a change in the state of our minds, if we all think it and strive towards it, base our education, action and dedication towards change, where the needs are prioritised, the wants are eradicated, only then will we evolve into the intelligent species we were indented to be, destined to be. We broke away from our wild ancestors, but we are still intact with our animalistic past, we are still primitive in our ideologies, beliefs and ways. While the world has evolved around us drastically, we have failed to evolve with it, clinching desperately to the past, we use our scientifically and technologically evolving world for destroying rather than creating, we are still children playing with dangerous toys, and until we escape from this animal kingdom entirely, make full use of the power of intelligence, we will only then become saviours and survivors, the most important creation of Godly science, the most important piece in this puzzle of the world we know, or don't know, it may only be solved if we come together as a whole and join the system of the universe that shouts unity. It tells us to live a life bigger than our small world, a life beyond our own, a life of us all.

This is not a crazy talk, this is not a communist talk, this is not a hippie talk. Do not label this with anything as many feel like they need to. This is just real talk, a genuine talk.

Change is not a fashion, it is a passion. I believe it, shouldn't we all by now?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Aug 2014 (#)

Written with feeling, passion and fervor - well done Akin.The main issues we face and enslaved by them are the greed of few, false pride and wrong priorities.

As it happens in life, when we are polite, want to be left alone and expect our leaders to do what is right, we are taken advantage of by the 1%. They set the agenda whatever the political and economic system we work within. We need to embrace unity in diversity and inclusive growth. Competition is good but it should benefit all and the rewards should be that itself - from each according to ability and to each as per needs. We need a shift in consciousness now than after another World War and then rise again from the Stone Age! siva

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