Our Culture's Mucked-up Values

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This is an article I wrote sometime ago, but is still true. We seem to have a warped sense of values in the West, especially in the United States, where I am most familar with the situation.

Mucked up Values

I primarily know about the United States because that is where I live, but I think it may be true everywhere; especially in the West. We as humanity seem to have our priorities a bit skewed. Areas that are entertaining but not really that urgently important in the scheme of things get lots of attention and money. Others, that are not necessarily "fun" but are important get relatively less.

This displays in the fact that sports players and actors often get millions of dollars a movie or season. At the same time, many of us ignore or push onto the back burner things that are really very important.

a. what about kids? There are kids that go to bed hungry in the United States much less other countries.

b. Seniors---many family don't have an option when their elders get older and unable to take care of themselves. I was an only child and when my mother was at that point, I had to work to keep bread on my own table. There was nobody to stay home with her, so some sort of "nursing home" was the only option. And yet the nursing home, at least in some cases, had folks working there that couldn't find a job anywhere else. I watched as a wonderful knowledgeable nurse,who was one of the few people who cared about my mother, and knew how to deal with her difficult personality, left. Why?? Because she was tired of working with a doctor who didn't have any respect for her, and for less money than she knew she could make just about anywhere else. Sacrifice, in service of our elders, might be necessary, but does it always have be sacrifice for the nurse only?

c. veterans---Right now, we are hearing a lot about this one. The VA needs to revamped. Likely that is true; and has been for a number of years. Lets not let lt be just a political change. A situation of getting rid of this guy "because he messed up...." and putting someone else in charge. It needs to be a real commitment to upgrade the entire system for how we deal with the health issues, both physical and mental, of our veterans.

I say this as a general pacifist. I didn't and don't approve of many of the wars we let ourselves become involved in, but it is not our soldiers that we, as a country, sent over there's fault.

Obviously, or perhaps not so obviously, as a child of a nursing home resident at one time, and someone getting older myself, I guess the one I feel most directly concerned about is Seniors, but the other two is a measure of how we will going into the future as a society. The issues are very far reaching and solutions are very difficult to come up with. And I will have to pled guilty to personally wanting to go and watch a movie and forget all about it as often as not.

But don't you think it is time to start looking at the hard questions around our priorities? If not now, when??


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author avatar M G Singh
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Wonderful post, applicable the world over

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author avatar Vickie Collins
6th Mar 2015 (#)

I was actually hoping it might be a bit better in some countries like Japan for example where family and elders are held up and respected.

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