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Young people usually follow the lead of those who are in the lead. They wear the clothing that the style producers suggests. When we consider who the leaders are today, we see messed up minds, hateful minds, and minds that are on destructive courses. Our outward appearances may look very beautiful to many but what about the way your heart looks in the eyes of God.

Our New Easter Apparel

I do believe that it is a great fact of life in these modern days and times that it is in special times like these most will get some new Easter garbs.
The clothes that people wear tells us a lot about their personalities, lifestyles and their likes, dislikes and their habits. You can read them like a book. People are books that are written in the sands of time. Their lives are all about things and lifestyles.
We see many of our young people wasting, destroying and misusing their minds having temporary "fun" so called. Many of the teenagers smoke weed now and unknowingly, they are Ruining their thinking machines in a world that could use their minds to build and contribute great, beautiful, positive, and lovely things. Not withstanding now they are beginning to legalize weed in many places.
Young people usually follow the lead of those who are in the lead. They wear the clothing that the style producers suggests. When we consider who the leaders are today, we see messed up minds, hateful minds, and minds that are on destructive courses. Minds that are abusive and are instrumental in killing innocent babies. Sex crazed minds and minds that are addicted to the dark side of life. What kind of mind do you have? Think about it! Are you using your mind to help, hurt, or to step on people and tear them down?

One writer urges people to consider whatsoever things that are lovely, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, to think on these things! This is found in the Bible in Philippians 4:8 which says,

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

All life and lifestyles are things related. The Universe is composed and built by God that is composed of things.

Things, whether they are material, spiritual, or plants, are part of our daily lifestyles. Somew things make us obese. Some things make us look good and still other things like exercise and working out are healthy for us.

But there are some things that are false which lead us down the wrong paths of life. Things like illegal drugs, marijuana, cocaine, whiskey, cigarettes and intoxicating beverages used in abusive situations, offtimes lead to corruption and debilitating lifestyles.

Yet, in this world, we all have choices. This is what Christianity and some of the other Religions are all about. Yoga, Islam, and others, all claim to be the answer to good lifestyle. The things that they teach and lead you to do are often difficult, tedious, and confusing with no clear cut end in site.

I point to one choice however, that has positive results. It is called Christianity and the instructions must be carried out in faith. They are things of truth.

To close all, with respect to the duties of Christianity, incumbent on the professors of it, the Christian Religion exhorts to a regard to everything that is true; that is agreeable to the Scriptures of truth, to the Gospel the word of truth, or to the law and light of nature; and whatever was really so, even among the very Heathens, in opposition to falsehood, lying, and hypocrisy. They things that are honest.

The Spirit of the Christian way calls for a lifestyle lived truthfully in the sight of men; or grave, or "venerable" in speech, in action or attire, in opposition to levity, frothiness, or foppery. It calls for a lifestyle where things are just between man and man, or with respect both to God and men.

The Christian lifestyle calls for thinking on things that instructs people about the giving things to God what belongs to him, and to man what is his due. it calls for a lifestyle studying to exercise a conscience void of offence to both, in opposition to all impiety, injustice, violence, and oppression. Life is all about doing the right thing in the right manner to all.

In today's Society, it is paramount if one will dodge the illnesses that plagues the mind, to contemplate on the positive things of life. There are no other alternatives that are out of the devil's evil schemes. We must remember that he alone is out to destroy the minds and souls of human beings. To escape and avoid the snares of Satan and his devilish host, we must fill our minds and hearts with God's holy word, the Bible, and live our lives accordingly, prayerfully, and faithfully. This is the surest way to keep our minds stayed on Jesus and avoid the traps and snares of the evil one. Possess your mind and don't let your mind possess you. Renew your mind and clothed it with the garments of praise. Think!


God, New Body, Resurrection Of Christ

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author avatar Teila
31st May 2014 (#)

Putting on the garments of praise.

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author avatar johnbee
15th Jun 2014 (#)

I am completely adorned and I am going to start my journey very soon.

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