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About our Earth family being a dysfunctional family that needs to be restored toward becoming a healthier universal family.

Peace And Harmony

Our universal family is definitely a dysfunctional family. The majority of families in our world are also dysfunctional families. As a result, many people grow up as dysfunctional human beings due to their abnormal mental and emotional programming. Many of our political and religious leaders, who make major important world decisions, could have also been raised in a dysfunctional family system. For our Earth family not to be so dysfunctional, we must each deal with our personal dysfunctional family issues.

There are some major characteristics of a person who had to endure a family system where there was abuse, neglect, or who were programmed with an erroneous belief system. Some of the similar characteristics are that a person could internalize a strong ego and have some control issues and can have polarized thinking. This will cause a personal mentality of "us versus them" and can also become a strong practice of those leaders in our world who make important decisions that affect all of us.

Our world dysfunctional family system is a direct result of our personal family dysfunctional systems. Dysfunctional families are generational. The dysfunction is passed on through generations through both heredity and nurture. Many of the people of our world have experienced some level of childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect. As a result many people of our world including those in leadership positions have internalized a faulty belief system due to faulty programming as a child and have become confused adults.

Through spiritual and personal growth, we can get out of this confusion and achieve some healthier clarity about ourselves and our universal family. Spiritual and personal growth is an inward journey into our subconscious mind and getting in touch with our repressed emotions. The two major emotions that get humans stuck in dysfunction are shame and fear. Recovery is a life long process. A healthier person will make healthier decisions including our political and religious leaders.

We would have a more peaceful world living in unity and not division if our world became more of a functional family. It begins with us individually to make our personal families to become a better family system. We are all related as human beings and our universal family has to share our Mother Earth in peace and harmony. There is a famous saying that we must be the change we want to see in the world. Another one is that, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."


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14th Oct 2013 (#)

Good evening, Michael. Excellent post. Have sent to Twitter as well. ~Marilyn

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