Our World

Glenn Maluchnik By Glenn Maluchnik, 26th Jul 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem is about the world,and the damage being done to it.

Our World

The big blue world we live in.
Sometimes I wonder what life is really about.
It's like we took a knife ,and scared up our blue world.
We strip the earth for precious minerals.
Leaving behind pollution in our blue world.
It's crying out"enough."
We are thieves that have robbed the earth of it's beauty.
As the polar ice caps melt.
Only to flood parts of our world.
Someday place will be no more.
It's nobody's fault but our own.
Will islands disappear?
Will we survive as the ice melts?
Water levels rise.
Our grandchildren will they have a blue world.
Only to have pieces underwater.
That once was a city street.
Now deep underwater.
Cars stop beeping there horn.
Only the ones that are born into a world we abused.
Are given a chance at life.
From day one when we started scarring up the blue world.
We know we can try to fix it.
It seems to late.
We can't refreeze the polar ice caps.
Another page turns.
Book closed on the earth as the damage has already been done.


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author avatar Glenn Maluchnik
I was born in New York State U.S.A.live now in Pennsylvania U.S.A. Gradated 6/12 from Enterprise High School online I like to write poetry,short story' ,and lyrics. sometimes an articles

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